It’s Valentine’s day :-) Time To Woo Customers With Some Email Love


Valentine tree, love, leaf from heartsJust how will Cupid show up in your life today 🙂

And whilst Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to get distracted by love and romance, don’t forget to shower your affection on the other highly important people in your life…

Your customers!

You see, micro business is about people.

If a customer is trying to choose between two different providers of the same service, quite often their decision will come down to which one comes out tops in the know, like, trust stakes.

Which means your ability to grow a successful micro business has A LOT to do with your ability to attract and woo a band of loyal customers.

That’s because when you’re loved by your customers, they’re more likely to keep choosing you over everything else – even if something newer, cheaper, fresher etc. tries to tempt them away.

So if you do no other work this Valentine’s Day, take some time to figure out how you’re going to make your customers fall in love with you.

And guess what, email marketing may just be your secret weapon 🙂

Let me explain…

Are you loveable?

Email marketing is a fantastic relationship builder. It can be personal, non-intrusive and very easy to send. The key to making it work for you is to make sure you send out the right stuff (which admittedly is the hard bit).

And to help give you some ideas, perhaps you can remember back to a time when you were newly in love. Early romance seems to have a predictable pattern! Stuff like:

  • You can’t do enough to please the object of your affection
  • You give freely expecting nothing in return
  • You seek to understand your partner and make things easier for them
  • You’re highly attentive to their needs
  • And you don’t rush but instead allow time for the new relationship to evolve. And as you learn and discover more about each other, so your conversation changes, develops and deepens.

Does that sound familiar?

Well these same principles can be applied to woo new customers into your “tribe” (as well as encouraging existing ones to stick around). It’s all about building strong relationships, and if you want initial contact with a potential customer to turn into something more than a quick glance, you need to lay solid foundations.

You need to invest the energy, time and focus on building that trust and likeability – and smart entrepreneurs recognise this applies to their business as well as their private life. And that’s why smart business owners will do things like:

  • Don’t pressurise prospects into buying something when they’re not ready 
  • Recognise that helping is often the quickest route to selling
  • Attract attention by saying the right thing, in the right place at the right time
  • Give before they expect something in return

And quite often this relationship plays out on email. For example:

  1. They’ll entice new visitors to sign up to their mailing list instead of persuading them to buy
  2. They’ll email blog posts that address the issues their customers are facing, invite subscribers to email in questions and reply with answers which add genuine value 
  3. They offer free stuff first (like a free eBook or a video series) to build trust and authority
  4. They research and understand their target customer so well that when emails do hit the inbox, they get read because they are relevant and interesting

And yes this approach may not be as attractive as the quick sell, but then it’s not often love happens at first sight! Instead you need to allow time and interaction to turn that initial contact into a more meaningful relationship.

It pays…

Hey you could look upon it as short term pain for long-term gain! For whilst it may take time (and possibly money) to compose all those email “love” letters, you will reap the rewards of this groundwork – purely because you are putting the effort in.

You see email communication is far more personal than interacting with a customer through social media or in your blog comments. Also email readers are less distracted and more focused than someone browsing the web for information.

In addition, your email subscribers have already shown an interest in you. You’ve caught their eye and they have given you the signal that they want to discover more.

In fact your email list is arguably one of your most valuable assets and one that you should nurture, look after and grow. That’s because when your prospects are ready to buy, if you’ve been the one putting all that effort in, who do you think they are going to choose?

I reckon you’ve probably raised your own odds significantly (and your bottom line as a result).

Be yourself

Another powerful feature of wooing customers through email is you have the chance to harness and express your uniqueness. And don’t underestimate the power of this because part of the strength of a micro business owner is their personality. Your personality will form part of your USP and it will actively draw certain types of customers towards you. So don’t be afraid to reveal yourself and share relevant stories.

In fact, ooze your individuality, don’t make the mistake of blending in and use your email campaigns to help you become irresistible! (well at least “the one to go to” in your niche).

So whilst you’re celebrating this day of love, why not think how you can use the awesome power of email to woo your customers.

And I’d LOVE to hear what you plan to do. Please tell me in the comments xxx

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