5 Simple Tips for Winning More Customers with Email Marketing


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Pinterest. LinkedIn. Instagram. Youtube. Google Plus. Flickr.

There are so many social media options to interact with customers. Do you still need to care about email?

Well… yes!

Email marketing is an excellent way to stay in touch with and sell to people who’ve raised their hands to say Yep, I’d like to hear more from you.

You have a much better chance to gain business from your email subscribers than from probably any other marketing activity. This graph from Darren Rowse (Founder of ProBlogger and Digital Photography School) was a real eye-opener for me:

How Email Can Drive ProfitSource:https://twitter.com/problogger/status/260197979149971457/photo/1

Let’s have a look how you can win more customers with email marketing.

Email Tip 1: Increase sign-ups

You need new subscribers to grow your list and to keep it fresh, because people will unsubscribe or just stop reading your emails.

A few ideas:

  • Have sign-up forms on your most popular web pages – usually your about and home pages. If you have a blog, include forms in the side bar and below each blog posts.
  • Ensure your sign-up forms look professional. I use the Elevatr plugin (for WordPress) because it makes it easy to design a good-looking form. You can also create a floating signup form that moves along when a web visitors scrolls down a page.
  • Mention your email list in other communication material – your email signature, your business card, or on adverts.
  • Give people a reason to sign up. Get free updates is not a valid reason on its own. Tell people what they’ll learn, how you make them feel better, or why they can save money by reading your e-newsletter.
  • Add a “bribe” – a free ebook or “e-course”. That’s where you can use autoresponders:

Email Tip 2: Use autoresponders

Autoresponders are a series of emails sent to new subscribers. These emails are not broadcast to every subscriber at the same time, but the timing depends on when a subscriber signed up.

In its simplest form an autoresponder can be one welcome email – straight after people have signed up. For instance: new subscribers to Enchanting Marketing receive an email explaining what to expect plus a few links to blog posts they may find interesting. The click through rate for this email has been up to 80% – far higher than on any subsequent emails.

The great thing about autoresponders is that you can create a series of emails that are sent out at set intervals depending on when someone subscribed.

If you’re a copywriter, show off your expertise by sharing your best copywriting tips in a series of 7 or 8 emails. If you’re a business coach, consider sharing a series of case studies explaining how you’ve helped people grow their business.

Nobody misses your very best tips, because with an autoresponder each subscriber will receive these emails.

Email Tip 3: Respect people’s time

Ever met someone who felt they didn’t receive enough emails?

Don’t waste people’s time. Keep it short and simple.

Email Tip 4: Be useful and inspire

Email marketing is not just about selling. It’s also about building relationships, sharing tips and ideas; and inspiring your audience.

Which tips can you share? How can you make your emails useful or inspirational so that customers are keen to open your emails?

Email Tip 5: Be personal

When travel site Megabon started to personalize emails and added a short tip to otherwise promotional information, their click through rates went up by 55.8%.

A few ideas for making your emails more personal:

  • Show your name rather than a company name in the sender field. People prefer email from humans rather than from faceless companies.
  • Sign your emails from you rather than from a company name.
  • Don’t use the same greeting everytime.
  • Add a personal question now and then, like What are you up to this weekend?
  • Share some tidbits about yourself.
  • Use conversational language.

The big advantage of micro business owners

Your business is about you. People choose to work with you because of who you are.

You got a massive advantage compared to faceless companies – who often struggle to sound human and to engage with real people

Be yourself. Connect with your customers. And let your passion shine through.

micro business actionToday’s Micro Action

Jot down at least five ideas you could incorporate email into your marketing mix.