Now You Can Market Your Business Without Annoying Customers


I’d like you to imagine that you’ve just sat down to dinner with your family.

It’s the end of a long day.  It’s your first opportunity to begin relaxing and forget about work for a few moments.

As you start to hear about everyone’s day, it happens.  The phone rings.

You leave the table and take the telephone to a quieter room, in case it’s an important call.  It might be a client, your boss, or perhaps a family member who needs your help.

But, no.  As soon as you answer the call you hear the words that make your heart sink and your blood begin to boil:

 “Good evening, have you considered replacing your windows and doors recently?”

That’s interruption marketing, in its worst form.

I’ve got no issue with anyone selling double glazing, many of us need it at some point.  But unfortunately it’s an industry synonymous with interruption marketing.

What is Interruption Marketing?

All day long we’re bombarded with interruption marketing.  Here are just a few examples:

  • Adverts in newspapers, on radio and television
  • Flyers through our doors
  • Paid advertising on websites and social networks
  • Logos on everything from t-shirts to coffee cups
  • Displays at the supermarket
  • Telemarketing and sales people who cold call at our door

Every day we see hundreds, if not thousands, of marketing messages from companies that are trying to grab our attention for long enough to convince us we should buy a product or service.

Interruption marketing has created such a level of “noise” in our lives that companies with large marketing budgets try to shout their message even louder and present us with more messages, so we notice them rather than their competitors.

As a micro business owner, with a modest marketing budget, should you try to compete?


You’ll end up wasting a lot of money, and time, and be frustrated with the poor results.

Instead, let me show you the five reasons you should use permission marketing to grow your micro business.

What is Permission Marketing?

Permission marketing is the process of gaining someone’s express permission to send them interesting, relevant information.  It involves an understanding between you and your prospect or customer.

You would normally gain permission by receiving the persons email address via your website, and in return the reader expects to get valuable insights into your selected topic, delivered to their inbox.

Rather than trying to shout at them through a mass of other marketing noise you’re quietly turning up in their inbox, reminding them who you are and sharing your knowledge.

So why is permission marketing better?

1.  Permission Marketing is Cheaper

Interruption marketing can cost a lot of money.

Even if you’re not advertising on television, it can cost a lot to print flyers and have them distributed, to pay someone to make telemarketing calls, etc.

But permission marketing is different.  If you already have a website it is a very quick job to add an email sign up form.  MailChimp offer free accounts for people with less than two thousand subscribers on their email lists.

Writing content will cost you in time, but it doesn’t have to cost you money, and much of the content that you create can be used over and over again as new subscribers join your list.

2.  Permission Marketing is Quicker

Let’s say you’ve just started your micro business.  You have some great knowledge to share with new clients – but how long will it take to gather clients with interruption marketing?  Especially if you’re waiting for printing, or creating adverts that have to be produced and broadcast.

Permission marketing is immediate.  You can get a signup form on your website and immediately start to gather subscribers.  Your messages can be in your first subscribers inbox on the same day as starting your campaign.

OK, I understand you might not start with lots of subscribers but even one subscriber is better than a radio advert that is ignored by thousands.

3.  Permission Marketing is Focused

It’s not just trying to interrupt people that is ineffective – it’s trying to interrupt the wrong people.

Interruption marketing works on trying to blast out a message to a large number of people in the hope that some will respond.  But many people will see your message that are totally unsuitable for your products and services.

Permission marketing can be laser focused.  For example if you’re a website designer focusing on the health and beauty industry you could offer tips about how to market health and beauty businesses online.  You’ll build a list of perfect customers and you can send them highly focused tips and marketing messages.

4.  Permission Marketing Builds Trust

Before someone buys from you they need to get to know, like and trust you.  But interruption marketing doesn’t help with this process, it can make it harder.

I mean, how much do you like the person who interrupts your dinner with an unwanted telemarketing call?

What does work is regularly showing that you are trying to help.  That builds trust – and when someone needs to buy a product or service they’re very likely to return to the person they already trust.

This trust creates a long term relationship with your subscribers.  Rather than trying to interrupt them to win one sale you’ll have many opportunities to convert your readers to paying customers.

5.  Permission Marketing is More Enjoyable!

I’ve worked with several clients who have never wanted to make cold calls to generate sales.  Even warm calls to people that they already know.  Many people don’t enjoy picking up the phone and trying to get someone’s attention.

It’s a hard job, and unless you really enjoy it it’s just not fun – and you won’t grow your micro business by focusing on what’s not fun.  You’ll always find an excuse to do something else.

But being invited to have an on-going relationship with someone in their email box is very different.  If you’re helping to solve issues in someone’s business or life they’ll be glad to see your emails and glad to share them with their friends.

How much more enjoyable is that?!

The Bottom Line

Permission marketing is the best way to grow a long term, profitable micro business.  You’ll get quicker results, build a relationship with your perfect clients and build your business on your useful knowledge.

micro business actionToday’s Micro Action

Today I want you to review your permission marketing.  Where is it at?  Do you have an email signup form, have you started building your list?  Are you regularly sending out valuable content and creating opportunities for further discussions with interested subscribers?

Take a few moments and write down where you are and be real about what you need to do as the next step.  Plan the time to do it and take action.

P.S: If you’re not sure what you should do next, you’ve come to the right place.  We’ll be covering the whole topic this week so be sure to check back every day and feel free to ask any questions in the comments.