Why It’s Time To Get Behind Independent Retailer Month


independent retailer month

Sunday 1st July sees the start of this year’s Independent Retailer Month – and there’s still time to get behind it.

At its heart, this inspiring global initiative encourages consumers to shop locally.

And this emphasis makes sense. By choosing to shop locally we can:

  • Boost the local economy,
  • Support micro business owners, and
  • Have a more enjoyable retail experience.

UK Indie Month is championed by Clare Rayner

Clare Rayner (@clarerayner) is one of the most well-known and respected retail consultants in the UK.

She’s passionate about empowering Indie retailers to succeed and recognises their immense value in the local economy. Clare has published numerous articles about retailing and her new book The Retail Champion: 10-steps to retail success is published on 3rd July 2012.

We asked Clare why encouraging customers to shop locally is so important.  Here’s what she said:

“To survive, local retailers need more shoppers to spend and to keep coming back and spending. There is no argument. Those that shop on the high street enjoy a more personal level of service from independent retailers and service providers and often benefit from the advice of more knowledgeable staff. That’s not always the case for those who regularly visit shopping centres and retail parks”.

In addition, Clare stressed the importance of independent retailers to the local economy…

“When customers shop local they should know that their hard earned cash is going to support their local economy. FSB quote that for every £1 spent in a local, independent business, between 50-70p circulates back into the local economy compared to just 5p when £1 is spent out of town.”

The Hub’s supporting Indie Month

As you know many independent shops are micro businesses. Therefore all Hub articles w/c 23rd July will focus on independent retail.

What’s more we’ll be featuring an article by Clare Rayner who will outline her 10 Steps to retail success. If you’d like to get involved, please get in touch.

Discover Independent Retailer Month

Many independent retailers are micro businesses. Due to the recession and increased pressure from the internet times are tough.

Indie Month is a global event that showcases the role small, local independent retailers play in their local community and economy as well as celebrating their important role in the retail sector as a whole.

Independent Retailer Month will empower such business owners in three ways:

  1. Impact! To benefit the independent retail sector globally with relevant support, expertise and insight.
  2. Connect! To link consumers and communities to local retailers, reminding them of the benefits of shopping local.
  3. Engage! To spread the word via small business organisations, associations, networks, and thought-leaders to demonstrate the importance of independent retail to the global, national and local economies.

Source: www.independentretailermonth.co.uk

How YOU can benefit…

If you’re an independent retailer there’s lot going on for you this month:

  1. You can attend the launch conference in Solihull on Sunday 1st July 2012. They’ll be keynote speeches, informal networking and 121 “ask the expert”slots.
  2. There are stacks of free downloadable resources to help your business covering everything from writing a press release to creating a marketing and promotional strategy.
  3. You can list your store on the UK Shops Directory.
  4. Showcase your involvement by downloading and using free posters and logos.

Hub reader Heather Maskill (@vintagechairs) from A Little Furniture Shop said:

“We’ve been selling bespoke reupholstered vintage furniture from our Shrewsbury shop for over 11 years. We’ve felt the pinch of these tough economic times and it’s sad to see the changing face of the high street. Encouraging customers to shop locally will make such a difference to my shop and other micro business retail outlets, and I’m optimistic and excited about the opportunities and focus independent Retailer Month will bring”.

In these challenging times it’s more important than ever to get behind indie retailers.

We need to support their creativity, innovation, passion and dedication. So if you can, shop local. Look out for events happening in your community and please get in touch and tell us what you’re doing.