6 Simple Website Changes That Will Boost Your Business


Let’s be honest.

When did you last review your website content?

More than six months ago?

A regular update of your website can help you generate more leads, more customers, and more business. Because in the past months you’ve learnt more about the problems your customers face and how you can help them; because your business evolved; or because your customers have changed.

Let’s have a look at website changes other companies have made to improve their business performance. Each of these changes has been evaluated using an A/B test.

An A/B test compares an original web page with a new version – usually making just one change. The performance of the two web pages is measured in number of conversions, e.g. number of people downloading information, subscribing to a newsletter or buying a product.

Each of the suggested changes below has been proven to work – at least for the website it was tested for.

1.     Does your headline mention a benefit?

When MarketingProfs changed from a product-based headline to a benefit-based headline their sign-up rates went up by 28%.

What is the benefit of working with you? Are you saving your customers time or costs? Or do you help them win more business? Or do you make them happier, healthier, or more productive?

2.     Does your headline mention a real benefit?

When CareLogger launched a logbook app for diabetes patients, they thought they were making life easier for their users. That sounds like a good benefit, doesn’t it?

CareLogger discovered that their users weren’t after an easier life. The real benefit their app offers is helping diabetes sufferers stay healthier. CareLogger increased conversion by 31% when they referred to optimal health rather than making it easier to keep tabs on their diabetes.

Do you know the real benefit you offer your customers?

3.     Is your website all about you or about your reader?

Your website is about your business isn’t it? It shows what you do and who you are?

No, it shouldn’t.

Your web visitors aren’t interested in your business. They’re mainly interested in themselves. Rather than talk about your service or your product, talk about the benefits you offer to customers. Talk about the problems you solve for your readers.

Sign up rates for AwayFind went up by 91% when they changed their sub headline from Let us find your urgent messages to Get away from your inbox – let urgent messages cut through the clutter and find you… instantly.

How many sentences referring to we and I can you change into you sentences? The We We calculator is a fun tool to test your customer focus.

4.     Do your customers know what you expect them to do?

Each of your web pages should have a call to action. You should make it clear what you expect your reader to do next such as:

  • read more about your services
  • subscribe to your email newsletter
  • pick up the phone to call you

Avoid vague terms when you ask your customers to take the next step. Conversions went up by 48% when Express Gold Cash changed their button text from download now to request a pack.

5.     Are you letting your customers get away?

The web is full of distractions; and we all suffer from information overload. You need to get your web visitor to act with as much urgency as possible.

CanaDream increased bookings by 91% when they changed their booking form to include the word Now twice.

Don’t write: If you’d like to discuss how I can help you increase leads for your business. Instead write: Call me now to discuss how I can help you increase leads for your business.

Are you encouraging your web visitors to take the next step?

6.      Are you underestimating the power of free?

The word free is powerful. Conversions went up by 28% when Soocial added the text It’s free next to its download button.

Be careful with giving away your time for free, but can you offer a free report or a free e-course? Something that doesn’t cost you extra time because you’ve have it already?

micro business actionToday’s Micro Action

How can your website can generate more business?

Leave your website as it is, and you’ll never know whether it could generate more enquiries, more customers, and more business.

Come on. Have a look. See what you can improve. Try a different headline. Change your call to action.

Most importantly, make your website even more focused on your customers. Because you’ll win business by solving your customer’s problems. And helping them succeed.