How To Use A Vision Board To Grow Your Business


How do you plan for success?

As a business owner, perhaps you first drafted a business plan on the advice of the local government business office or other start-up support services. You probably filled in a template, answered all the questions in chronological order and set about looking at the financial forecasting at the back of the pack.

On completion you had a wonderful pack of paper all detailing exactly what you envisaged doing with your business.

However, as reality kicked in, plans changed and your business took off in a direction you did not anticipate, perhaps you discovered this pack of paper actually had no real purpose other than to sit on your shelf where occasionally you’d pick it up and wonder at how far away from reality it had become.

Time for a different approach?

So if you’ve spent time preparing a hefty document which has ended up being stored away in a cardboard box or file, perhaps it’s time to think about tackling your business plan in a totally different format?

And there’s no need to step totally away from the written plan. After all, it’s always good to have something down on paper. But have you thought about vision boarding?

Let me explain…

Vision boards are a great way to capture the vision you have for your business.

The objective of the vision board is to have your plans all together on one board. You can then place it in your workspace and allow it to serve as a constant reminder of what you want to achieve. Then, through visualisation, you will be driven to bring your goals to reality.

Plan with a positive attitude

When creating your vision board it’s really important you treat this like any planning process.

The first thing you need is some time to totally concentrate on the process.

As a business owner you will be used to skipping from one task to the other but this is where you need to stop and concentrate on building your business vision.

What do you want to achieve?

At the time of creating your board it is important you firmly believe that you have the ability to reach your goal.

Take a look at your thoughts…

Yes really, what are they telling you?

If it’s a case of, ‘This is the goal I will achieve but I know it won’t happen’, then rest assured, whether your plans are on a business plan template or a vision board then you’re right – it won’t happen.

Instead think again and turn your thoughts around to something more empowering…

‘This is the goal I will achieve and it feels great to have it as my reality’.

Through the power of focus, belief and determination you can achieve any goal you set yourself.

As you work through this process you will take your thoughts through the de-cluttering process and replace them with the visualisation process.

Visualisation for success

The art of visualisation will become natural and you will become more motivated to reach your goals as you will already be seeing them and living them as if they are already your reality.  As you progress with the vision board you will find you will have more fun with your business planning. And let’s be honest. Creating a colourful board is much less boring than writing up business plan template!

How to create a vision board for your business

To begin vision boarding you will need to get a photograph of yourself and your business. Place it in the centre of your board in order that the energy can be distributed throughout the plans.

Arm yourself with magazines, newspapers, brochures, along with photos of the people and companies you want to work with. In fact use anything you feel appropriate. Include photos, words, logos that inspire and motivate you. In addition feel what it is like to have all the visions on your board as your reality. Get clear how your life and business will differ from today when your vision becomes a reality.

Through learning the power of positive thinking and adopting a positive mental attitude for your business, you’ll see the changes along your path. It is these skills, along with visualisation and having a vision board in my office that has insured I now work with the people I set out to work with. I have the mentors that I desired to have in my early days and I can assure others that if you have vision however you chose to set it out you can and will achieve it.

Objectives and goal setting are so important in business. If yours is stuck on the shelf think about adding some colour and pictures to it, feel what it is like for that vision /plan to be your reality. If nothing else it gives you something to look at on your office wall and dream about over that 11 o clock cuppa!

12 top tips for creating your vision board:

  1. Have a recent photograph of yourself in the centre of the board
  2. Set aside some time to think about your vision for your business
  3. Who do you want to work with? Who are your ideal customers / clients
  4. What words fill you with a feel good feeling?
  5. Look at your original plan? Is your reality today close to it?
  6. Get a board (from any art / craft store)
  7. Place your photograph in the centre
  8. Get creative, spend some time going through magazines, newspapers, brochures etc. and cut out all items that resonate with you.
  9. Glue the cut-outs around your photo on the board – sit back and look at your created vision
  10. Close your eyes and imagine all the items on the board becoming your reality – how does it feel?
  11. Place the board somewhere within your office / working space so it is constantly within sight – not stuck on a shelf or in a box
  12. As you go about your daily tasks feel the energy of your actions taking you towards the pictures of your vision therefore one day they truly will be your reality.

Today’s Micro Action

Here’s a task for the weekend 🙂 Create a vision board for your business and visually capture the goals you wish to achieve to make your business a success.