Ten Tips For Empowerment In Your Micro Business


empowermentAdopting powerful strategies for feeling empowered can be a mighty advantage when dealing with the inevitable stress and anxiety that comes from running a micro business.

Read on and discover ten top tips that work for me and which I  regularly share with my clients. Which will be your favourite?

1.  Have passion about your vision, your idea

When you start in business it is important to remember that this one of the main ingredients, if you have a passion for your vision, your idea then it will be easy to share that passion on.  It will energise your potential customers / clients to want to do business with you. Talk about your business as if you are ‘in love’ with it, as if it is a new born whose existence just lights up your world, do this and those you want to attract will be there wanting to work with you, to soak up that energy and feel good factor.

2.  Look straight ahead; stand tall, wherever you may be

It is all too easy at times to follow the crowd, those who feel like today it is all just too much like hard work! Today I urge you to promise yourself that you will always hold your head high, be proud of who you are and what life has taught you, be the light that shines on the path of others and look the world right in the eye. Capture the sunlight in each step and stay out of the puddles that can shadow your view, your potential clients are there on the road ahead, greet them with a smile that says ‘I am here, waiting to do business with you’.

3.  Get clarity to your goals, if you don’t know where you are going, no one else will

How are you getting on with the goals you set at the start of 2013? I see and speak to a lot of business owners who confess that when they started their business they had a plan, a goal but they have not reviewed it for a while.  To grow in business you need to have regular reviews of your goals and your action plan on how you intend to get there. I know in my 2.5 years in business my goals have changed many times, as a child grows and changes so will your business, don’t get stuck at day one, move on.  Keep your goals and objectives current, as you move on so must your aims, ensure you share your advancement with your audience so they don’t lose track of your journey, after all you want them to stay on this journey with you.

4.  Have courage to follow your dream

Being a business owner takes courage in itself so when you have a dream that at times seems ‘so far out there’ it is easy to stay in the slow lane and just work at the day to day! What is your dream? If you can see it, feel it, want it then you can reach it.  The answer I give to clients who ask me how I get the courage at times to aim so high is ‘Well the way I see it is, if I don’t ask then I have a 100% chance of hearing NO, if I ask the question then I have already ensured a 50% chance of a YES reply’. So aim high, ask the question of those you believe can help and up your chances of reaching that dream goal.

5.  Stay focused, if you start to wobble – STOP AND RE-FOCUS

As we travel along our life / business journey it is amazing how at times we hold a desire to change direction. ‘I want to change but I don’t know how’,  is a common statement I hear as is ‘I want to change but I don’t have the time’. I liken this to a car journey, if you have a flat tyre and it causes a wobble, you stop and change the wheel, if you want to change direction whilst driving you stop before you make any manoeuvre .  I pose the question how can you do a three point turn if you do not STOP first? It is the same in our reality, if you want to change and it feels nerve racking, STOP, take a short period of time to think, clarify , re-focus and  then set off on the desired route.

6.  Spend time with positive people in positive environments

How many times have you heard this Jim Rohn quote?

“You are the average of the five people you spend most time with.”

In business environments you hear it repeatedly and I believe it to be true.  Isn’t it fact that when we find ourselves in positive, happy situations we feel exactly that – positive and happy! In life trust in that and it will serve you well, become one of those five positive people and embrace the energy of positive situations. It will serve your business well as the energy will flow where the focus goes, so focus on positivity so that you give it plenty of opportunity to increase and grow in your life / business.

7.  Shout about WHO you are

If you don’t, no one else will! In today’s society there are many ways to get yourself and your business known.  If you do not have a website for your business, get one – it is your shop window to the world. If you do not have a presence on social media, then make it a goal, it counts as part of your database. If you do not have a blog, start one, if do not send out regular Emails then start with a campaign today! All of these will start to spread the word, once you start to shout and share your story on these platforms then your potential client base will grow and interest in your business will flourish. It is down to you to start spreading the word!

8.  Get testimonials, video and written – what others say is important

Now once you have done the shouting, you need to get others to do the same! Other people’s opinion of your business counts; it will encourage those who are contemplating working with you to take it a step further. Never miss an opportunity to ask those who have bought from you or done business with you for a testimonial or a recommendation on LinkedIn. So start shouting, then encourage others to shout about you too, after all you’re worth it!

9.  Always stay TRUE to YOU and believe in who you are and your vision.

Once in business it is so easy to watch others around you, especially in the same industry and wonder how / what / when / why…. As we do this we can in fact lose sight of who we are and why we indeed started our own business. We can develop insecurities as we watch others appear to take flight as we stand and watch, the answer is just stay true to YOU! Your business was your dream, your vision, by imposing others limits on it we limit ourselves. Do it your way and you too will fly!

10.  Remember to always follow the journey of your ‘Sun’

‘The leaves and buds of the Sunflower exhibit heliotropism which means the sunflower tracks the suns motion across the sky from East to West. During the night, the flowers may assume a random orientation while at dawn they turn again to the East where the sun rises’.

In business remember each day is a new day. Don’t carry issues over, instead deal with them in the now and start each day with your face to the sun. Then allow it to light your path for the day ahead!

Over to you

How do you stay motivated and positive in the light of stress and challenges? Please share your ideas in the comments below.

micro business actionToday’s Micro Action

If you develop strategies to keep you empowered in your micro business, you’ll feel more able to take risks, face challenges and achieve more than you ever thought possible. What changes in mindset, behaviour or attitude could you commit to from today? Take some time to figure out what strategies could work best for you.