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spinlessplates(This is a sponsored post)

If you run a micro business, you soon discover time is a resource you need to take good care of.

After all, the amount of stuff you get implemented directly impacts your bottom line.


  • If you get more of the right stuff done, you set yourself up for business success.
  • BUT if you spend an age on admin and paperwork or procrastinate and focus on the wrong priorities your business will really suffer.

I’ve learnt this stuff the hard way and so time management and developing smart working practices is an area of business that’s very important to me.

Not least because of my two angels Jemima and Isabella 🙂

SpinLessPlates muse

You only get one chance to capture those precious childhood memories. So like you, as well as creating a successful business to fuel my desired lifestyle, I want to get as much quality family time as possible.

And that was why I created SpinLessPlates.

SpinLessPlates is a comprehensive business management tool designed specifically for B2B micro business owners. Use it to free up time so you can focus on getting more customers, making more money and spending more time with those that you love. Simple 🙂

Let me explain…

Introducing a smart micro business management tool

As you know, when running a micro business you have to spin many plates.

In addition to your core work (i.e the stuff that drives your profit) you need to stay on top of your admin, number crunching and customer communication processes. And let’s be honest. Because of everything else that you need to contend with, these type of tasks can get perceived as time consuming, laborious and even boring. As such it’s possible you neglect it whilst you focus on the more important job of keeping your customers happy.

It makes logical sense…

And whilst there may be no consequences in the short term, in the long term, if your business management procedures are questionable, and if you don’t have a clear understanding of what’s happening behind the scenes, your business is going to under-perform.

Specifically you run the risk of the following issues…

  1. You forget to chase up enquiries that are no longer on your radar  – and so miss out on new business
  2. You lose track of how much time you’ve spent on a job – and so never get paid what you’re really worth
  3. You use an in-house, self-created series of excel spreadsheets to store your important data – and your ability to crunch it is limited
  4. You take far too long doing your admin work – and waste time you could spend on stuff that actually drives profit
  5. You’re not 100% sure which products / services make the most money – and are potentially investing time and energy in the wrong place

You see it’s just not enough to be good at what you do (although it’s a massive advantage).

Instead, if you want to be truly successful you must empower your business with intelligent back-end processes that give you the tools and data you need to achieve those stretching business goals.

And here are three reasons why SpinLessPlates may be just the key…

1.  Streamline your paperwork

SpinLessPlates enables you to seamlessly manage your business and take control of your sales and purchasing processes.

The interface is intuitive, user-friendly and very easy to use – making it great for non-techys!

The software enables you to create enquires, quotes, sales and invoices. What’s more, because you can quickly turn a quote into an invoice, you’ll save masses of time.

Everything you need to manage your paperwork is available from one interface which is secure, cloud-based and accessible from anywhere (with an internet connection). It frees you to work remotely (and was one of the reasons I could take a “working holiday” in Florida last year with my kids 🙂

2.  Stay on top of your numbers

One of the best features of the software is its ability to help you crunch your numbers.

I’ve come across so many micro business owners who get so caught up in the day-to-day running of their business that they lose sight of the bigger picture.

Spin’s easy reporting functionality allows you to quickly calculate a whole raft of KPIs including:

  1. Which customers are spending the most money with you (essential if you want to be nurturing the right relationships)
  2. Which products are the highest performing (means you can focus your energy and money in the right places)
  3. How much you’ve invoiced over any given period (helps you figure out if you’re generating as much income as you need)
  4. Which invoices remain outstanding (quickly and simply chase up outstanding payments and manage your cash flow)
  5. What enquires are still open (don’t lose out on potential business – instead get reminded to follow up those leads)

In fact, with the capability to generate over 50 different reports you can say goodbye to guesswork and instead get the accurate data you need to run your business effectively and efficiently.

3.  I’m a micro business – I don’t need a CRM

Firstly SpinLessPlates is much more than a CRM tool 🙂

Secondly, if you’ve never thought about using business management software before, I can understand why you would be reluctant to try it.

But consider this…

Your database is arguably the most valuable asset in your micro business.

People who have already shown an interest in what you do are more likely to become paying customers in the longer term. If you collect contact details, and then use them to stay in regular contact with your prospects, you stay on their radar and can position yourself as “the one to go to” when they need your product or service.

To do this effectively you need to build your own contacts. It does take more time, but research proves an in-house list will ALWAYS out perform one you have purchased.

SpinLessPlates does have a CRM functionality as it will enable you to store contacts. But in addition to that, Spin also links up any communication you’ve had with that individuals in terms of sales, enquires, quotes and purchases so you can quickly see where they are in your pipeline.

But more than that. In addition to its CRM functionality, SpinLessPlates’ data reporting capability will significantly increase the professionalism from which you run your business.

And that’s in addition to all the time it’s going to save you!

Trust SpinLessPlates to free up time in your micro business

For sure there are other software options out there that you could try. However, what makes SpinLessPlates unique is it’s specifically designed for micro business owners.

So if you’d like to save time so you can concentrate on getting more customers and making more money try SpinLessPlates today. And with a free trial for Hub readers,  it’s super easy to do so 🙂

Simply click here to visit SpinLessPlates and grab your 30 day free trial. What’s more, simply enter the discount code HUB132 when you sign up, and if after 30 days you decide to subscribe you’ll get your first five months for the price of one.

You won’t regret it…