What Selling A House Can Teach You About Content Marketing


For me selling and moving house is one of the most exciting times in life: the thrill of being somewhere new, the restlessness of just wanting to get on with it. A friend of mine is hoping to move house soon and whilst talking to her about the selling process I started to draw some comparisons between content marketing and selling a house.

We know that content marketing is the art of communicating and engaging with your customers and prospects without selling. Did you know that selling your house is much the same?

Here’s why…

Get the kerb appeal right

Most buyers form their first impressions of a house within seconds of walking through the door. When selling your home you’ll probably tidy up the front garden or re-paint the front door to give your home ‘kerb appeal’.

It’s the same with content marketing. First impressions matter so from the very outset you need to have well written, engaging copy that is free from mistakes.

What you need to do

  • Spend time planning your content marketing strategy and developing an editorial calendar so that you are publishing content that is either insightful, informative or has an opinion.
  • Consider your headline; does it make people want to read further?
  • Get a friend, partner or colleague to proof-read it for you.

Eliminate clutter

Having clutter around the home can make your house seem smaller and disorganised. As a result it doesn’t sell your home.

Unstructured, vague content doesn’t sell your brand, products or services. So just as you would clean and declutter the inside of your home you need to keep your copy clear and to the point.

What you need to do

  • Plan your article or blog post; what is its goal, what is the key message readers should remember and what is your call to action?
  • When writing your copy keep to the point, follow your plan and don’t waffle.
  • Finally, edit your copy and then edit it again.

Be your own buyer

Before viewings sellers stage each room to show its purpose. This allows your potential buyer to imagine themselves in the house and envision how they would use each room.

Before a potential customer buys from you they need to picture themselves buying from you. So put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think about what you’d want to read and where you would want to read it.

What you need to do

  • If you were reading your company’s blogs, articles or social media comment what would you want to read?
  • Do some research; where do your readers hang out?
  • Think about how you will create conversations with them, have you made commenting on your blog easy?

Showing your property

Most sellers leave the showing of the property to the estate agent; after all they are the professionals. They show the best rooms first and last and highlight the occasional positive points. They let the viewers make their own judgements and constantly sell the house to them. The viewers may wander around the house on their own, but the agent is always nearby to answer any queries.

Use content marketing to show the very best of your brand, products or services but be business-like and don’t turn it into a sales pitch or a one-way stream of communication.

What you need to do

  • Don’t overload your readers with detail.
  • Highlight what makes your brand, products or services different to your competitors.
  • Make yourself available to respond to posts and comments, whether good or bad. Never ignore them.

Remember, content marketing is about creating the right impression of your business and talking with customers rather than talking at customers.

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Start with the kerb appeal by planning your content marketing strategy using an editorial calendar.