The Secret To Raving Customers And Making More Money


The secret to raving customersOk. Show of hands.

Who wants to find more raving customers?

You know the kind of customers I talk about, don’t you?

Customers who come back again, and again, to work with you.

Customers who tell everyone how brilliant you are.

Customers who energise you.

Where can you find such customers?

It sounds like a difficult marketing challenge.

But it really isn’t.

The key is to focus all your marketing efforts on your perfect customer.

I don’t mean someone who is perfect in every sense. I mean someone you love working with; for whom you’ll do your best work.

Why you can’t be everything to everyone

You’re not Coca Cola. You’re not Tesco. You’re not Heinz.

Mega-brands are mainstream: they try not to offend anyone; they try to appeal to everyone; and they have a massive marketing budget to reach as many people as possible.

But you need to be different. You have to stand out. You have to be you.

Because as a micro business owner you are the main reason people business with you. You are the Unique Selling Point of your business.

The Real Secret to Raving Customer Acquisition

You create your most enthusiastic admirers and most loyal fans because you do things your way.

You can only be at your best when you work for your perfect customer.

How to define your perfect customer

A buyer persona is a distinct group of potential customers, an archetypal person whom you want your marketing to reach. ~ David Meerman Scott

A buyer persona is marketing lingo for your perfect customer. And as David Meerman Scott says, buyer personas are the most fundamental aspect of great marketing.

How can a buyer persona guide your marketing efforts?

  • Understand your buyer persona’s problems; and you’ll be able to provide enchanting solutions for him or her;
  • Know what your buyer persona reads and where he hangs out; and you’ll appreciate which marketing channels to use;
  • Learn your buyer persona’s language, and you’ll delight him with your words;
  • Understand your buyer persona’s objections to buying; and you can be more persuasive.

Are you ready to start defining your perfect customer?

It’s easy. Think about him or her. Picture who you’d like to do business with.

Start with some simple demographics: Is it a man or a woman? What age? What profession? What income? What education? Who is in his family? What car does he drive?

Then dig a little deeper:

  • What is he (or she) reading?
  • What social media channels does he use?
  • What does he like and dislike?
  • What does he dream about achieving?
  • What would he love to have?
  • What keeps him up at night?
  • What is he afraid of losing?
  • How does he make decisions?

Write a one-page bio based on your answers, give your buyer persona a name, and find a picture to add to the bio.

That’s all.

Whenever you market to your (potential) customers, imagine writing to just your perfect customer. Your writing will become charming. And your arguments will become persuasive. And doing business with you will become more attractive.

The truth about turbo-charging your marketing to find raving customers

Defining who you serve is the most important decision in your business.

You have to be brave enough to say no to people with whom you don’t click. Maybe they’re too mellow. Or just too dynamic. Maybe you prefer to work with creative types. Or with analytical people. The perfect customer is different for everyone.

Only work with people who you connect with. Who bring the best out of you. Who work with you because of who you are.

They will become your fans. And they will recommend you. And word of mouth is the best marketing you can ever do.

micro business actionToday’s micro action:

Define the buyer persona for your business.