Four Surprising Reasons Your Micro Business Is Destined For Success


Will it work?

Go on admit it…

When you’re lying awake at 2am you sometimes wonder.

  • You stress over your ridiculous to do list.
  • Feel uneasy about that stretching deadline, and
  • Wallow in guilt because you didn’t spend enough time with your partner or kids…

There’s no question. It’s just not easy being a micro business owner.

It can be lonely and pressured and scary…

Some people would say you’re crazy to live in such uncertainty.

But the truth is you love it…

You love the buzz. You love the creative freedom. And you thrive off the adrenalin. It’s a thrill when your sales figures hit a new PB.  And that feeling when a customer sends you an awesome testimonial is magic.

Taking it seriously

I sometimes wonder if there’s a misconception about what a micro business can achieve.

In truth the possibilities are immense.

After all there are serious benefits in staying intentionally small. What’s more, smart business owners recognise these opportunities and readily exploit them.

Let me explain…

1.  It is the right time…

Recently there’s been an explosion of technological changes. In fact they’ve radically altered the landscape on which we work.

Have you noticed how this new climate suits micro businesses?

Take social media.

You can talk with anyone anywhere.

You can:

  • Network,
  • Build connections,
  • Reach a new audience,
  • Promote your products,
  • Grow your authority etc.

And best of all it’s all free.

The likes of Facebook and Twitter have helped micro businesses get by on their small marketing budgets and still reach a national, even global audience.

Eccomerce has done the same. You don’t need a physical shop or lots of stock.

And that means you can make it as a niche business.

If you become “the one to go to”, you can focus on ladybird themed kids products, you can be the leading authority on golden retriever dog training and you can specialise in online blogging courses for working mums who run crafting businesses.

In fact niche appeal is a powerful business model.

2.  Neat and nimble

Micro are fast and nimble. Without a complex management structure you can take decisions very quickly.

You can change direction. You can respond to the market and your customer feedback. And if you lack skills, simply outsource to create a highly competent temporary team.

This freedom offers a huge competitive edge and help you compete with bigger businesses.

3.  Hold the reigns

So I’m a closet control freak but I do really like that I’m in charge.

Being self employed means you’re not reliant on anyone else for job security.  Also your income isn’t restricted by salary, overtime or promotion. Instead you can innovate new products, find new income streams and explore new ways to make money.

4.  Work your time

If you love what you do, the boundaries between work and leisure dissolve.

When writing I feel that I’m expressing my creativity and helping other business owners. It makes me feel good.

Plus in micro business you can bin the 9-5 and work hours that suit you. You can:

  • Create a work-life balance that suits you.
  • Work around the kids.
  • Work in the evening and take time off in the day.
  • Even keep up a day job until your micro business is established.

This flexibility means micro business is attractive for some many different people.

Stay hungry

Despite these advantages, you’ve still got to stay on your toes.

Never get complacent.Instead be alert for the next big idea.

And on those wobbly days, you’ve got to talk yourself up. Remind yourself if you really want it, what’s stoping you?

In fact who’s to say you can’t reach that big business dream? (the one that scares you when you think of it).

Well I say go for it.

I say what have you got to lose?

Think big, play big and revel in the opportunities of micro business.

And here’s your micro action for today – where are you taking your micro business next?