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Running a competition is a great way to increase subscribers or social media followers.

But be careful not to break any of the social media rules i.e. Facebook has strict guidelines on running competitions that require the use of Facebook  functionality such as liking a page.

So what is an easy way to run a competition?

You need a way to collect entries, moderate them, and then randomly pick a winner.

Introducing Rafflecopter….

We’ve just used this to manage the High Speed Training competition at the Hub and it really couldn’t be easier.

First you need to pop over to Rafflecopter’s website and sign up for a free account. There are a couple of premium accounts you can sign up for if you need the additional functionality but I’m only going to go over the free account options.

Once you have logged in, click the New Giveaway link and you’ll get a form you need to complete, see the screenshot to the right.

Give the Giveaway a name, and click the Add a Prize button and enter the details of your competition’s prize.

Now you need to set up how people can enter, and this is what is really cool about Rafflecopter, because you can set up multiple entry methods – a Tweet, a Twitter follow, a Facebook like. With the paid options you can add joining a mailing list or pin an image. With the free version you can add these options using the Invent Your Own Option but you will need to manually check that your winner has done the task correctly.


Some entry types, such as Tweet about the Giveaway, give you the option to enable people to earn entries every day that the competition is running.

If you mark an entry as mandatory then the entrant must complete this task before being given the other options for entry.

Rafflecopter- tweet-entry

Next you need to set your competition’s start and end date and time and enter your competition’s terms and conditions.

Finally click the Get Widget button and you are given a snippet of code which you can paste into the html of your website. If you are using WordPress you can just enter the code into your post or page, in HTML view, and this is what it will look like to your website visitors.

Thanks to Feeding Boys for the screenshot of an active competition
Thanks to Feeding Boys for the screenshot of an active competition

Whilst your competition is running, the widget will show you how many entries you have had and you can go back to the Rafflecopter website to see the details of all entries, by clicking the Moderate button for the active competition.

When your competition is finished picking a winner or winners couldn’t be simpler. On the Rafflecopter website, go to your competition, then moderate and click the Pick Winner button and Rafflecopter will randomly choose a winner for you. Then all you need to do is to check that the winner’s entry has been properly executed.  Rafflecopter even gives you the option to email the winner direct from their website.

All in all I can heartily recommend using Rafflecopter to run a competition. This is not a sponsored post and nor have I used any affiliate links. I just think it is an easy tool to  use and a great way for micro businesses to run  a competition.

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If you are thinking of running a competition then check out Rafflecopter.