PRESS RELEASE: Two Entrepreneurial Women Launch New Online Micro Business Magazine


Micro Business Hub LogoA brand new online magazine has just been launched by two entrepreneurial women aimed at the rapidly growing micro business community (a business with 10 staff or less).

Running sole trader “micro businesses” themselves, the women know how important and challenging it can be to grow and develop a successful business whilst being the only person in it. The new magazine, Micro Business Hub, will provide that vital support by publishing informative articles to help busy micro business owners really focus and grow.

The Micro Business Hub is the idea of Jo Waltham and Georgina El Morshdy. Jo and Georgina met in August 2011 through the social media platform Twitter. After finding common ground over their passion for micro business, and their desire to see the term more widely used, the Hub concept was born.

The Hub will publish content each weekday from resident writers or guest contributors. Each week is themed and will cover topics including social media, marketing, blogging, public relations and other specialist areas busy micro business owners need to understand to succeed.

Freelance copywriter and Hub Editor Georgina El Morshdy from Plymouth said:

“We all go into business to be successful. But what is most people’s strategy for making it happen? To be truly successful in micro business you have to grow. And I don’t necessarily mean get bigger. Business growth can encompass many things including growing your authority, developing new products or reaching more customers.

“Our experience has shown that working on your business is a powerful way to grow. And that is why we’ve launched The Hub. We’ve created an online magazine for micro business owners to learn tips and get ideas from different experts. We hope it will help micro business owners get the inspiration and support they need to succeed”.

Technical Director and freelance IT consultant Jo Waltham is based in Staines:

“Georgina and I were both interested in creating an identity other people running very small businesses could relate to. We liked the term micro business because it’s non-gender specific and distinguishes us from the small business sector. Since our pre-launch last month we’ve had a very positive response from other micro business owners who feel the same way”.

Jo and Georgina plan to develop the magazine into a prime destination for micro business owners to access imaginative, useful content to help grow their business.

Georgina added

“We’re very excited about what the future holds. We’re looking forward to building a thriving community where micro businesses help and support each other through quality information. The Hub’s online magazine is the focal point of this vision”.

Micro Business owners can read all Hub articles at In addition, if they sign-up to the Hub’s mailing list, they’ll receive the ebook Inspire Your Way To A Successful Micro Business.


Notes to Editors:

The Micro Business Hub will publish every weekday from Wednesday 20th June. The first article is called How To Grow Your Micro Business By Reading An Article A day. 

For more information:


Ring: Georgina on 07954 580039.


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