Finding The Perfect Marketing Activities For Your Micro Business


What’s all that about?

Marketing your micro business that is…

Marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services.

It’s as simple as that but is hugely important to the success of your micro business.

Every business is different in terms of service offerings, product offerings or indeed clients.  Therefore you need to adapt your marketing plan for YOUR target clients. And to do that you need to do your research!

Your Micro Business marketing plan starts with the 4 P’s:

  1. Price,
  2. Place,
  3. Promotion and
  4. Product.

In this article we’ll consider promotion. 

Specifically we’ll explore if online or offline marketing will work best for your business.

To start with here are some definitions:

  1. Online marketing is anything to do with the internet. It includes your website, social media channels or any form of internet advertising (like banner ads, pay for click, Google AdWords etc). For many businesses, online marketing is critical.
  2. In comparison, offline marketing includes printed publications, leaflets, flyers, newspaper advertisements, exhibitions, networking or anything else that’s non web related.

As a micro business, your marketing activity will be restricted by your budget.

It is therefore very important you invest wisely into which ever channel(s) will give you the greatest return.

To help you decide which approach to take, here are some broad pro’s and cons of each strategy.

As you read these, remember  your business is unique so keep an open mind as you decide which is best for you.

The pros of online marketing for a Micro Business

  • No upfront costs – many online activities (other than your website) can be done at no cost
  • Ability to reach your demographics and target audience very quickly
  • Real time results
  • Allow you to showcase your micro business to a worldwide audience
  • Business advantage over your competitors who have not taken their business online
  • Your online shop (if applicable) becomes 24/7 instead of 9-5

The cons of online marketing for a Micro Business

  • Can be harder to build trust
  • Your information and details are out in the public domain
  • If you sell a product, your audience can’t experience your products
  • Can be time consuming and costly to your brand if you don’t do it right

The pros of offline marketing for a Micro Business

  • Offline marketing has been around a lot longer – tried and tested
  • Allows you to sell your products face to face and connect with your client
  • Your potential client has something tangible in their hands i.e a flyer or leaflet
  • If you are networking, you are meeting and talking to potential clients and this will help you understand how you can add further value

The cons of offline marketing for a Micro Business

  • Costly and usually has to be paid up front
  • In some forms of offline marketing, you have no way of measuring your results
  • Seeing results can take weeks

There are many more pros and cons for online and offline marketing. In truth, the most effective approach is to use them together in a combination that works for your micro business.

How to choose what’s right for your micro business?

To start, put yourself in your client’s shoes.

Ask probing questions.

Do they read a newspaper? Watch TV? Are they an active Facebook user etc…

Keep seeing things through their eyes and from their world.

Then be sure you measure all your efforts to see tangible results.

Otherwise why are you spending your hard earned money?

Remember this formula…

Measure, adjust, review and implement…

Measure, adjust, review and implement…

micro business actionToday’s micro action

Identify 2 new activities you could add to your marketing strategy to help you promote or sell your micro business.