Do You Hold This Key To A Successful Micro Business?


Make things happenThere’s an important key that separates business owners from super successful business owners.

And it’s a really simple one.

For sure you need ideas, you need to think like an entrepreneur and you’ll have a distinct advantage if you’ve got a good mind for business.

However that’s just NOT enough to cut it.

If you want proof just think about all those unsuccessful entrepreneurs, struggling businesses and ideas that never make it past the drawing board.

I agree the economy is playing a role. Hey these are really tough times. But despite that some businesses are flourishing. What’s more, some businesses are charging more, increasing their profits and riding the tide of success.

I wonder if these businesses possess the “magic key”?

Let me tell you what it is…

The secret ingredient is “implementation”

It’s a common trait that successful businesses simply get more stuff done.

Instead of sitting around, talking about it, procrastinating or getting held back by fear, lack of confidence and the heebie jeebies, they just “F” do it!  

You see it’s so simple, yet so effective.

That’s because when you focus on implementation you:

  • Turn ideas into tangible results.
  • Make things happen faster than your competitors.
  • Learn quicker what does and doesn’t work.
  • You set the pace rather than chasing your tail to keep up.
  • You gain confidence as you see your ideas in practice.
  • And your business increases its chances of being a success.

In comparison if you just dream:

  • You have more time to ponder over what could go wrong.
  • Your productivity plummets.
  • Other people get there first.
  • You start to struggle, feel lethargic and sluggish – not a nice space to be in.

Embrace your micro advantage

Because of your company’s size (by definition you are “micro” if your business is 10 people or less) you have a distinct advantage over some of your larger competitors.

You are nimble, adaptable and highly flexible.

You can have an idea today, and make it happen tomorrow. The decision making and implementation process can be quick which means you can constantly keep your business fresh, vibrant and energised.

I reckon micro businesses are designed to make things happen.

So get out there and do it 🙂

I dare you…


Top implementation tools

Now I’m not suggesting you take an irresponsible, wayward approach to this implementation idea.

You still need a strategic approach, and I’ve got five top tools to help you achieve that:

1.  Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy

Procrastination is the disease of the poor. If your implementation ideas are regularly thwarted (for whatever reason) you need to get a copy of this book! Inside, sales legend Brian Tracy outlines some powerful working strategies and behaviours you can adopt to rev up (significantly) how much stuff you get done. It changed my business!

To read a full review of the book click here.

2. No B.S. Time Management Guide For Entrepreneurs

Next on my list is this fab book by Dan Kennedy. This business book challenges the conventions of time management and outlines proven working strategies which will get you organised, focused and regularly making stuff happen. It’s top notch! Again you can read a review when you click here.

3. To do lists

I’m not a gadget girl and I just love pen and paper! I write to do lists and I recommend you do to. They will transform your approach to your business. Period. I have a Moleskine Diary which I use daily to plan out my workload. This discipline ensures focus and delivery. What’s more, the motivation of seeing that to do list diminishing is addictive.

4. Power hour

Have you heard about the 80/20 rule? It means 80% of your productivity and results will come from just 20% of your time. To make this concept work for you start each day with a Power Hour. In this time switch off all distractions and concentrate your attention on the mosts important tasks at hand. This will vary by business but for many it will be tasks that will help you find and keep customers. Try it, it will revolutionise your working practices. And if you’re keen to discover more, read this top post by Hub Contributor Paul Cox at SpinLessPlates.

5. Productivity saving tools & practices

Finally look at ways to streamline your working day. There will be some tasks and activities that only you can do. However, there will be other bits which you hate doing, are not so good at or could outsource. A lot of micro business owners start out doing everything themselves, after all it saves money right? But if you’ve reached the point where you really need to free up time to implement, a really cost effective way to reduce your workload is through a Virtual Assistant.

In addition, you could explore technological solutions and save time that way. There are lots of CRMs and Business Management Tools out there, but if you’d like to take a closer look at one created by a micro business owner for micro business owners, check out SpinLessPlates.

Over to you

What do you think is the secret to a successful micro business? Please let me know in the comments below.micro business action

Today’s Micro Action

What’s the one thing you’ve been thinking about implementing but haven’t? Write an implementation plan for it now.