7 Simple Ways to Make Time for Your Email Newsletter


Have you ever procrastinated on something that was good for you?

We all have.

Email marketing is different though, because it’s not like eating healthy, where you may not see instant results.

Having an email newsletter can bring in more customers and more sales today, if done right.

It comes down to making time for your email marketing campaign, or delegating it to someone else who can take care of it.

It’s not much work once you learn the basics. It’s no different than writing an email to a personal friend.

So with that said, here are 7 ways you can make time for your email marketing:

1. Write Down Your Questions

First, write down the questions you have.

What are you confused about when it comes to starting an email newsletter?

If you keep all your questions in your head, it’s going to feel confusing and overwhelming, and you’ll just put it off.

Write down what’s stopping you. It’ll help you realize that there’s not that much you don’t know.

2. Clarify Your Goals

Next, clarify why you want to use email marketing in your business.

For most small businesses, this comes down to getting more sales. If that’s the case, write it down.

Then write down how you want to use email marketing to achieve that. If you have no idea, get in touch with someone who knows email marketing.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

3. Plan

Put email marketing in your calendar. Make time for it.

Even 15 minutes will make a difference in the long-run. Take one of the questions you wrote down in #1 and work on solving it.

The next day, pick another question, until you’ve gone through them all and can start your newsletter.

It doesn’t have to get more complicated than that.

4. Simplify

A big mistake many people make is to try and tackle huge tasks. If you do that, you’ll end up overwhelmed and burned out.

The key then is to simplify. Break email marketing into tiny tasks you can get done in 10-15 minutes.

For example, if you haven’t even started an email newsletter, your first task could be learning how to get your first email newsletter up.

5. Prioritize

We all know we should prioritize, but we don’t really do it as well as we could.

If you want to get something done, you have to make it a priority. And email marketing is something you absolutely have to get done.

It’s going to boost the bottom line of most businesses, so every day you’re putting this off is a day where you could be earning more and helping more people.

A simple tip is to put working on your email newsletter at the top of your to-do list. Get it done first thing in the morning.

6. Practice

If you’re a one-man business, it’ll be hard in the beginning. You’re learning something new, which means you’re going to struggle with it.

That’s why you have to expect the struggle. Expect frustration. But also realize that the more you practice, the better you get.

Every 10-15 minute block makes a difference.

7. Potential

Last, but not least, no one can make you send out an email newsletter.

You have to realize how powerful it is to not only deepen relationships with your customers and clients, but to be able to have access to their inbox.

It can significantly boost your bottom line. My online business relies on email marketing, and if you add it to your arsenal, it will make a dramatic difference, if done right.

But you have to be willing to include it.

We’re all busy.

So make time for it, because it’s worth it.

micro business actionToday’s Micro Action

Do you recognise the value that an email newsletter could add to your business?

If so add a news letter to your to do list, and get started on it today.