Is Google+ A Useful Social Media Platform?


There are various social media platforms which businesses can utilise to benefit their online presence.

Of course, it’s wise to take advantage of all platforms to maximise the output and marketing efforts, but you should understand why each one is helpful in its own individual way, and what specific advantages it can offer you.

Google+ blasted onto the social media scene a year ago and for those who have not yet used it yet, there are a few key things that you should note.

So why is it such a useful platform? Here are our top 9 reasons:

  1. Even though Google+ is the youngest social media platform today, it is growing by leaps and bounds. According to a recent report, the social media site has had 400 million users sign up of which 100 million are active. In fact, it is growing far faster than Twitter and Facebook grew when they first began. Although its members are not yet in the billions, if you give it time it certainly will be.
  2. Google+ is easy to use. It is cleaner and much more user-friendly than other social media platforms and it gives you more control over things like privacy settings and page organisation. Many users prefer it to Facebook and those numbers are continuing to increase as more and more people begin using the site.
  3. There are fewer ads on Google+ than there are on other sites. This means that you have very scarce reminders and spammy advertisements which allow you to focus more on the things that interest you. This means that others who may find your business helpful will also be able to better focus on your business than they would on another social media site.
  4. The stream of information provided on Google+ is much more relevant than that on other sites and it is prioritised much better. Followers can easily find the information that they are looking for without having to wade through page after page looking for it.
  5. The use of circles allows users to better organise contacts into categories. Friends can be placed into one category while business associates and others are placed into their own distinct categories. Users find it much easier to connect with those in their circles and Google+ makes it much simpler to track current trends and view topics of interest so they can stay connected even outside of those circles.
  6. Google+ offers the fantastic function of Google Hangouts and Air. Here your business can hold video conferences with prospective clients and chat face to face with up to 10 people, wherever you are, and you can host virtual meetings to increase your team’s productivity. Hangouts on Air let you boost your presence by broadcasting your conversation to the world live in front of a global audience.
  7. Ultimately, all businesses need to implement some form of search engine optimisation (SEO) marketing to improve their rankings in search engines like Google, as well as the traffic to their website. Google+ can help by producing great quality, unique, engaging content that is shareable. Make sure your content grabs readers’ attention with formatting, incorporate +mentions and hash tags, make it visually appealing, and write in real-time.
  8. The promote +1 button encourages readers to share it and add it to their Google+ feed. Ensure that your Google+ profile is optimised for rankings in the introduction, education, employment and places sections.
  9. Probably the best benefit for many is the fact that Google+ is already connected with sites like Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs, Google Reader and other Google sites. This allows you to be found by your target audience easier and you can engage others who may be interested in your business using tools and various applications that you are already familiar with.

It is easy to get started on Google+. You simply have to set up an account, add your profile and set up your business page. Once you have done this you simply begin adding people to your circles and place them in the appropriate categories.

Google+ allows you to invite contacts that are not yet part of the site and build your social networking platform easily. Social media in general is a huge benefit to anyone who wants to reach a vast audience on the World Wide Web. Whether you plan to use Google+ alone or add it to other social media platforms that you are already engaged in, the benefits of adding your business to this newest social site are numerous.

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How could you use Google+ to raise the profile of your business? What features of this social media platform have you not fully exploited as yet? Take some time today to figure it out.