How To Use YouTube To Get Found On Google


YouTube videos on Google search

Ever since Google bought YouTube, Google has been developing new functionality to make it the most popular and largest video-sharing site on the internet.

YouTube is already the second largest search engine (the first being Google), which is the important point for those wishing to promote their business with video.

Searchers choose Google because it provides relevancy

Over the years an entire industry has grown around trying to place websites at the top of Google for the words people type when searching.

The website in the number one position gets the most visits and has the highest chance of making money.

The landscape is changing…

Google now have such advanced algorithms that they now can offer ‘personalised search’.

This means if you and I were to make a search on Google for the same term – let’s say we were interested in ‘dog walking services’, we would receive different results based on our location, search history, type of content we like to consume and preferences.

How does YouTube fit in?

Google could see YouTube was incredibly popular. What’s more visitors spent a long time watching videos on the site. It’s clear video was an important tool in engagement and therefore highly relevant.

As a result, Google has placed video content in their search engine pages to appear for searched words and phrases alongside websites, blogs and articles.

This means it’s now possible to appear on the first page of the most popular search engine with video content placed not just on YouTube, but anywhere on the internet.

Why does video work?

  1. Videos are 50 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google and other search engines for your targeted keywords (the words you think people use to find your products and services through Google) than text. This is because there are fewer videos optimised for keywords as there are articles, blogs and other types of content.
  2. Videos receive a 41% higher click through rate than text links. That’s because video is more engaging and we view it as a trusted media far more when making a decision, than reading text.
  3. YouTube is important because it is owned by Google and is therefore far more likely to appear within their search pages than other video sharing platforms.
  4. Additionally, Google has launched its own social/business media platform called Google+.  This is a very clean and simple social media platform that allows you to add your YouTube videos to promote events, products etc and provide yet another opportunity to rank in search engine results.

Video drives organic and adwords traffic

As well as improving the functionality for business users to make best use of their video content and drive traffic to their websites from their YouTube Channel, Google has also introduced video advertising into its Adwords platform (the program that generates Pay per Click text adverts that you see down the right hand side of its search results pages).

These video adverts are placed across YouTube channels in front of associated content that is controlled by you and on other selected sites across the web.  The impact has been significant for those businesses that have made early use of this ad format with much higher click through rates and conversions being reported compared to the standard text ads.

Clearly Google sees video as a massive opportunity for the future of its business by integrating and linking it throughout its online platforms, which is a pretty big indicator that you should too.

Great videos get shared and can go viral…

If they like it, viewers can ‘share’ your video content.  This functionality is key to your video marketing campaign.

People will only share good quality content (no one wants to share rubbish).

This means any video content you produce needs to have a unique element to capture the attention of viewers.

That doesn’t mean you have to make a video that no one has ever made before. But you must always think about what your audience likes and is interested in.

  • Find novel ways of showing how your product can be used for solving problems other than its original purpose.
  • Show your product being used in unexpected ways.
  • Go into detail about one aspect of your service with the expert in your team on that particular area (e.g. insurers could focus on buildings and content insurance or a hair salon could focus on hair dying techniques).
  • Interviews – people love watching other people.

How to optimise your video content

Lastly, don’t forget the importance of keywords to your video content.

Keywords are simply the words people type to find relevant content for their search. Remember. YouTube is now the second largest search engine, so viewers are using the search facility to find content. You must optimise your videos to help them get found.

You can do this by:

  • Using your keyword / phrase (e.g. How to train your dog) in the video
  • Making it the title of the video
  • Using it as the first words of the description of the video


Let’s say I create a series of fantastic short videos on how to train dogs for my dog training website. I then place each one on YouTube.

If I don’t give them a proper title and description I have little chance of being found amongst the 24 hours of video that’s uploaded every minute.

To improve my chances I would title my series ‘How to train a dog – Part 1’, ‘How to train a dog – Part 2’, etc.  Next the description of each video should start with the same keywords. It would look like this:

“How to train a dog – ‘’  is a four part series of tutorials on the correct way to train a dog provided by our expert in the field, D. Trainer.   This is part 1 of 4”. (You will notice I put the URL of my dog training website in the description, after all, I want viewers to go from my YouTube channel to my website).

Additionally, I would also fill out the ‘Tag’ section for each video to include the keywords. For example; “How to” “train a dog” “dog training” “How to train a dog” “”

YouTube and other video sharing sites use tags to match your content to searches that are performed on the site, so it makes good sense to fill out the tags to get your video seen by the people looking for it.

Good luck with marketing your video content. I’m off to watch Trumpton!

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Revisit any videos you have posted onto YouTube and ensure they are optimised with your keywords.