How To Market Your eBook


Book covers with word ebook.Authors should think of themselves as a micro business and should promote their eBook in the same way a micro business would promote their products or services.

When you have spent so much time writing your eBook, you want to make sure that when it’s published you will achieve the sales you hoped for. Much of the promotion for your eBook should begin months in advance of the official publication date. On a platform such as Amazon you are able to see what’s coming soon, many of the top authors have books in this category and the date of publication is sometimes 6 months away, but you can guarantee they have started their marketing.

Self-published authors don’t have the option of appearing in the ‘Coming Soon’ section of Amazon but they still need to consider this in their marketing strategy, not necessarily 6 months in advance but at least 2 or 3 months prior to publication your eBook needs to be promoted to it’s potential readers.

Some of the ways self-published authors can market their new eBook is by promoting their work online.

Here are some of the main ways this can be achieved:

1.  Website or Blog

The best way, as far as I’m concerned, is to have a website or blog specifically to promote your eBook and your writing. There are many free platforms for creating websites and blogs, and to begin with I would suggest utilising one of these to save on costs. A simple website or blog is best; try not to have too much going on, as this will distract people away from your eBook. If you have a blog then you need to be updating this regularly, I would suggest at least once per week. This is how your writing will get noticed and ultimately help with the sale of your eBook.

2.  Emailing Marketing

Once you have a website or blog you can go about setting up a mailing list for people who are interested in you, your writing and your eBook. Having a mailing list means you can send out regular emails about your recent writings, your new eBook launch or something personal that will encourage people to get to know you. Email marketing is an extremely powerful tool in all businesses, but you need to conduct it in the right way to achieve the best results, forward planning is very important.

3.  Promotions

If you have your own website or blog and you sell your eBook directly on these, then you can run promotions as often as you like. If you’re selling on Amazon Kindle for example, you could sign-up to the KDP Select program for 90 days and they give you the opportunity to offer your eBook for free for up to 5 days. This is a great way of climbing the free Amazon Kindle charts, and if you have ever seen these charts you’ll see that the paid chart is on the left and the free on the right. Being at the top of the free chart is extremely beneficial, and when your eBook is no longer free, it will be a good way up the paid chart for a few days. As well as getting visibility this way, your eBook will also start to be shown under related eBooks when someone views an eBook under the same or similar category.

4.  Reviews

Having a lot of good reviews for your eBook is crucial. Ideally you need reviews prior to publishing your eBook, you can achieve this by giving your eBook away for free to friends and family, or any of your current contacts. If you have been promoting the eBook prior to publication then you may already have people willing to read and review your eBook for you. You could also attempt to contact bloggers who will review your eBook for you in return for it being available to them for free.

5.  Social Media

One of the best ways you can promote your eBook is via your social media networks. You need to choose the platforms you’re comfortable using and also do some research to find out where your target readers hang out. To make the most of social media you need to understand the network, and also make sure your posts/updates are aimed at your target readers. There is a massive amount of information online about promoting via social media, make use of it because it’s all relevant.

This is just a short overview of how you can market your eBook, for a more advice and tips then you can sign-up to my free eBook Marketing Mini-eCourse, delivered to your inbox each week.

micro business actionToday’s Micro action

Do you have an eBook to sell? Perhaps you offer a free eBook as an incentive to grow your list? If so, identify which of the above will help you spread the word and build your reputation?