5 Reasons to Consider Using a Virtual Receptionist


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Virtual receptionists are an increasingly popular alternative to in-house receptionists, providing professional assistance to clients remotely. This is great for smaller businesses that have limited space or resources.

Virtual receptionists provide services such as managing calls, email, and customer service. These services can be customized accordingly to suit a variety of business.

If you are looking to hire a virtual receptionist, take a look at our list below to see how a virtual receptionist could suit your business needs.

Save Money

Virtual receptionists are cost effective. When hiring a full time in-house receptionist, you need to take wages, sick pay, holiday entitlement, and benefits into consideration. However, when you use a virtual receptionist, you only pay a fixed fee for the services you require.

The Skills You Need

If you take on a new employee, you need to take time to train and induct them. This can be a waste of time resources if the employee leaves, or does not perform to your expectations. The guarantee you get with a virtual receptionist is that they are fully trained. You can choose a virtual receptionist based on the skills they offer.


If your business runs outside of regular office hours, virtual receptionists are a cost effective option for you. Rather than renting an office space and paying employees to be available at all times, virtual receptionists can work remotely and offer twenty four seven services. If you travel or work out of this office and don’t have the ability to always check emails or answer calls, this could be the answer to your problems.

Customer Service

Both clients and customers prefer virtual receptionists to automated systems. Customers want to speak to a real person, someone that they can leave a message with rather than relying on voicemail. Virtual receptionists are a professional approach that can provide a good lasting impression to your clients.

Great for Small Businesses

Virtual receptionists are perfect for small businesses or those who run their businesses from home. If you don’t require office space or an in-house receptionist to meet and greet your clients, hiring a virtual receptionist can be a cost effective solution. If you work from home, hiring a virtual receptionist will help you redefine the boundaries between your work and home life.

We hope that after reading you are now aware of the various benefits virtual receptionists have to offer. This is an ideal solution for small or home run businesses. Virtual receptionists are not only a solution for your business, they are also a solution for your customers.