How To Grow Your Micro Business By Reading An Article A Day


Make things happenA question…

Do you want a successful business?

OK that’s a no-brainer. Of course you do. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

So what’s your strategy for making it happen?

To be truly successful in business you have to grow.

And I don’t necessarily mean get bigger. After all business growth encompasses many things.

Perhaps it’s:

  • Growing your influence or authority.
  • Developing new products and services.
  • Reaching more customers.

Or maybe growth relates to your own personal impact skills. Your confidence, resilience or creativity.

Whatever your personal definition, grow in business you must. That’s because it’s the critical key to help your business thrive and survive. Especially in these challenging times.

What’s your growth strategy?

Working on your business (not just in it) is a powerful way to grow.

We instinctively know this when we sign up for training, or do some brainstorming.

However there is a better way…

Take a top class athlete. They don’t just run at the weekend. Instead they train fiercely – daily. They know it’s the only way to get seriously good. Likewise that virtuoso didn’t just practice every now and again. His flawless playing skills came from consistent daily practice.

To grow your business you need to be consistently obsessive.

If you’re not, you’ll just get bogged down in all the day-to-day stuff. Then before you know it, your specialist knowledge is dated and your product offering is uninspiring.

But I don’t have the time…

That’s true.

If you run a micro business the demands on your time can be overwhelming. You’re constantly busy (or stressed out when you’re not!)

So how do you achieve that consistency and get the day job done?

Introducing the Micro Business Hub…

The Hub is an online magazine filled with in house articles and guest contributors.

It will help you work on your business consistently and easily.

But what makes it really special is how we’ll publish content.

1. An article each weekday

Each day you’ll get to read a concise, information packed article that contains insights and tips to use in your business.

2. Themed weeks

We won’t flit between topics. Instead we’ll focus on a theme all week. It gives you time to digest and actually apply what you’ve read.

3. Tell you what’s coming

Each Monday we’ll publish titles and authors for the upcoming week.

4. Give you something meatier for the weekend

On Friday we’ll summarise the week then give you something more in-depth. Things like an interview, special report or download.  It’s something grittier to sink your teeth into during the relative downtime of the weekend.

5. Micro actions

Each post will have a concrete action for you to implement. It won’t take long to do, but those daily small steps will result in a heap of growth in your business.

Are you in?

The Hub is for you if you’re:

  • Passionate about your business,
  • Driven to make it a success,
  • Committed to feeding your mind.

If that’s you, make a commitment to your business now and sign-up to the Hub (in fact it’s your micro action for today!)

It’s easy to do.

Simply enter your email address in the box at the bottom of this post and hit “sign-up”.

In return:

Growing in your micro business is the same as everything else. You’ve got to work your socks off.

But if you’re willing to do that, you’ll reap the rewards. You could be the one with the innovative ideas. You could be the one hounded for guest appearances. You could be the one with the glowing customer testimonials.

Is micro business tough? Yes.

But is it worth it? Absolutely.

So get your business growing.  Sign up to the Hub now and commit to reading an article each weekday.

What are you waiting for?