Get Your Micro Business on Google+ Now


Google Plus One I’ve recently grown weary of Facebook.

So whilst I had some downtime I decided to get back into Google+. And you know what? I used it and I liked it…

Once I’d settled back into Google+ I found the content to be greater in quality and quantity than on Facebook or even Twitter.

I discovered:

  • Certain brands and celebrities were posting alternative content to their other platform profiles, and
  • Their content seemed easier to access and consume on Google+.

In addition, despite following a good number of profiles, I never felt overwhelmed or bombarded – something in part down to it’s simplistic, yet brilliant, ‘white space’ design.

Facebook is now so ingrained into everything we do online you can’t avoid it. But there is an important distinction…

Whereas Facebook is about linking yourselves together in a network, Google+ is more about digesting and sharing content.

But with Facebook Pages already well established, should you investing time and effort into Google+ as well?

In my opinion “yes“. And here are three reasons why:

  1. According to new data, Google +1s (the equivalent to Facebook ‘Likes’) have a stronger correlation to high natural search rankings than Facebook Likes. What’s more they play a bigger role in a blended natural search strategy.
  2. +1’s and sharing Google+ content have proven to improve search engine rankings.
  3. Google+ supports hashtags. In fact, your audience may be using the same hashtags they use on Twitter on Google+ as well. So research hashtags and discover who you can target as again, this helps with content promotion.

Setting up a Google+ Page for your business is very simple.

Follow these quick and easy steps and you’ll be set up in a few minutes.

Step 1: Create your personal profile

Google Plus PersonalYou first need to have a personal profile. To do this, login using your Google account (if you already have one). If not, you’ll need to set one up here.

Once you’ve logged in/set up a Google Account, log into Gmail and click the ‘You+’ link at the top left of your Gmail dashboard.

Finally follow the process to set up your own, personal profile.

Step 2: Create your Google+ Business Page

Google Plus BusinessOnce you have your own personal profile you can set up your business page.

To do this go to the Google+ for Business page and click ‘Create Your Google+ page’ to get started.

You’re then asked to pick a category:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Product or Brand
  • Company, Institution or Organisation
  • Arts, Entertainment or Sports
  • Other

Then follow these simple steps:

  1. First you’ll be prompted to enter your company’s information. You can add a page name and your website URL.
  2. Next choose who you want to be able to see the page (best to choose ‘Any Google+ users’).
  3. Then tick the Terms & Conditions box (once you’ve read them).
  4. Followed by  clicking the ‘Create’ button.
  5. Now customise your page’s public profile by choosing a tag line and add your business logo (if not already done).
  6. Finally click the ‘Continue’ button to complete the page creation.

And that’s it!

The completion screen suggests some next steps you can take now or later to finalize your pages. This includes:

  • Starting a conversation,
  • Connecting your website,
  • Telling the world about your newly created page etc.

But I’d recommend doing these once you’ve established your page a bit more.

What next?

Now your business is on Google+ you can start adding other companies and individuals of note to your Circles and have Hangouts with them. Hangouts are great because you can interact directly with your audience and host Hangouts that show you to be the authority in your field.

To do that, start promoting your page to gain followers and get them sharing your content. Remember, this will also go some way to help your search engine rankings.

And finally, get to know what people are saying about your business, how many +1’s your business receives and how these affect your traffic. Measurement is key to measuring your success,

Google+ has gone some way to changing social networking paradigms. And although, in part, it is a social ‘network’ I believe it is more than that.

And being from Google, it’s also a great new way for people to search for content.

I for one have fallen in love with Google+ and use it more than Facebook. I hope more users and businesses, like yourself, start to adopt it as part of their online marketing mix.

micro business actionToday’s Micro Action

If you decide that Google+ is right for your business, set up your personal and business profiles today, then join me in a special micro business hang out on Friday 17th August.To join the hangout, click here.