How To Get Customers Talking About Your Micro Business



What are customers saying about your micro business?

Is the chit chat lively and positive.

Is it negative?

Or worse still, is it just plain quiet?

And what are you doing to influence that conversation?

If you run a micro business, you want people talking about you.

That’s because conversation about your business is a powerful way to spread your message.

As such, smart micro business owners identify activities to initiate conversation and embed them into their marketing strategy.

Let me explain…

Step into your customers’ shoes

To get people talking, you first have to create happy customers.

To do this you must:

  1. Capture your target’s attention with captivating headlines and attention grabbing leads.
  2. Market benefits and answer that all important question – “What’s In It For Me”.
  3. Build desire and allow readers to imagine they already own your product / service.
  4. Convert readers into customers by making it clear and easy to buy.

Actually, the hardest part is knowing what to say at each stage. But in order for your marketing message to be convincing and persuasive, you need to say the right things.

Here are four ideas to help you…

1.  What makes your micro business unique?

We all know times are tough and it’s competitive out there.

That said, micro businesses are uniquely placed to compete.

And you have an instant competitive advantage because no one else can do exactly what you do (because they are not you).

So use your individuality as a talking point.

Harness your personality. Get clear on what makes your business special and integrate that message into your marketing.

After all your unique selling point is your secret sauce to convince potential customers to pick you over everyone else.

So work it out. What makes your business extra special?

  • Is it your intuitive ability to understand your customer’s business?
  • Is it that unexpected little extra (like a teabag inside your personalised cups).
  • Is it your friendly, approachable manner?
  • Is it your playfulness and fun approach to work?

Everyone is uniquely different. What is it for you?

2.  It’s not about you

A common mistake micro businesses make when marketing is to talk from their perspective. You know the type of thing:

“We’re really proud to be offering this service”.

“We at (business name) believe that attention to detail is the key”.

“We offer the best product…”

Now these statements seem innocent enough. But here’s the problem. Your customer is not the slightest bit interested in what you think.

Hey they’re busy. There’s a lot of stuff competing for their attention.

In fact, the only thing customers are interested in is WIIFM…

(That’s What’s In It For Me).

If your marketing fails to convince customers that your message is relevant, your chances of making an impact will reduce – considerably!

It may sound harsh but it’s the truth.

So in your marketing remember to focus on the customer. A simple litmus test is to check the ratio of you : I / We in any text.

If the we’s outnumber the you’s, an edit is required.

3.  Hone in on benefits

As a general rule, use benefits to sell. Then explain features to allow the customer to justify their purchase.

So what benefits should you focus on?

  • Saving time.
  • Protecting against something you fear.
  • Helping you become smarter or more knowledgeable.
  • Being part of something only a few other people have access to.
  • Getting richer.
  • Making you look more attractive etc. (you get the picture…)

You get the picture. You see, these benefits entice an emotional response in your customer.

And as you know, buying is often an emotional decision. You’ll frequently buy something (especially a non-essential item) just because you want it. Not because you need it.

So work out which benefits will most appeal to your target customer, and then use your marketing to demonstrate how your business delivers.

Even better, if you know the problem that keeps your target customer awake at 2am and your business can solve it, emphasise that in your promotional activity.

4.  Think outside the box

Successful micro business marketing takes time and effort.

To succeed you need the right strategy and the right content.

And you don’t always need to rely on the tried and tested stuff.

There are a lot of ways you can market your business for free so explore something different.

And remember, get people talking.

But take control of what you want them to be saying.

  • If you want them shouting about your price, focus on that.
  • If you want to be renown for your service skill, do something unexpected.
  • And if you want your creativity to be a talking point, give customers the carrot to start that conversation.

And always remember you are unique. So embrace that thought. Use the content of your marketing strategy to showcase your business and get customers talking.

micro business actionToday’s micro action:

Write five new ideas to get people talking about your business.

And while you’re at it, why not share them in the comments below.