How You Can Generate More Leads, Increase Conversions And Make More Sales


Are sales eluding you right now?

If they are then you’re not alone because a majority of business owners feel the same. Isn’t it frustrating when you think the next marketing strategy is going to be the one that brings in your best results yet, but only manages average?

And even your lead generation methods don’t seem to work as well as they used to.

Blaming the economy, the weather or a whole host of other excuses is probably the easiest option. But there is an element of marketing that a lot of business owners are missing and one that can really help you achieve much better results.

Of course to generate sales you must have leads, but one of the biggest questions I get asked when helping business owners is ‘how do I generate leads?’ And to find those, you must delve a little deeper first…

Understand Your Target Audience

To a certain extent it’s a numbers game, the more leads you have the greater the potential of conversion. But when leads are not qualified it doesn’t matter if you have thousands, they won’t turn into customers. And equal to having none at all.

So first you have to understand who your customers really are and despite what you might think, the answer isn’t ‘everyone’!

Here’s the truth, unless you sell a product or service that is an absolute necessity to human survival most people actually don’t need what you provide! They buy because they WANT it and it meets their DESIRES or alleviates a FEAR.

Most purchases are made because people have a problem with something they need help solving.

And that’s exactly what your product or service must provide for them.

Become Their Solution!

So actually what you’re selling becomes less about the item or service and more about the solution it can help your customers with.

This is serious marketing gold, because understanding this part enables you to position your product or service as the one that will help them overcome the pain or problem they have.

Business owners often use the ‘push’ method when marketing but positioning your product or service as the best solution in the minds of your customers, creates the ‘pull’.

To help you generate leads and encourage greater sales you must know, not guess, the answer to these…

  • What problem does my potential customer have?
  • What do they want?
  • What’s important to them?
  • What’s already available to them?
  • What’s missing?

Understanding this provides your business with powerful ways to position your product or service much better in the market.

But there’s still work to be done to ensure you successfully capture leads that will benefit your business.

Build Trust First

People will mistrust first before they trust, it’s just the way we’re all programmed, especially in an ever increasing sceptical society. Didn’t it used to be much easier to gain contact details? Now people are just as guarded with their information as they are with their money.

Again knowing this puts you in a much stronger position than most. It means you can align with them to provide something of value so they can see the real benefit in parting with even just their name and email address. Rarely will people sign up to your newsletter or free report for nothing.

Firstly, most people are overwhelmed with information these days and likely don’t need another free report to read or another email that mounts up with the others. If this is one of your lead generation strategies then whatever you give away must be of high perceived value. In other words they must be able to see the real benefit in giving you their contact details.

This also means people will look a little closer at your business and market positioning:

  • Transparency of information – especially the ‘About’ page on your website, it’s more significant than you think. Be real with your name, friendly image and information, building that all important trust first
  • Substantiate claims – competing for business may mean making claims about your product or service for it to get noticed. Potential customers will look for proof, so make it easy for them. Provide testimonials, case studies, real evidence they can believe

So to generate leads either on or offline you must connect with them and, always ‘give’ first.

What works well for me is providing a free marketing materials review for business owners. They get a complete free written review of one of their marketing pieces in exchange for their details. This adds massive value to them (builds trust) and although it’s without obligation, my conversion is about 85%.

Now we come on to the final part which is converting those leads into sales.

Do You Make It Easy For Your Competitors?

Surprisingly, business owners go to the effort and expense of generating leads and often don’t do anything with them.

This leaves a lot of potential business for your competitors to benefit from!

The real potential of any lead capture system is in the follow up. Once you’ve initially built trust with your potential customers you must always continue to build on the relationship with regular, consistent and beneficial information.

There’s always exception to the rule and some customers will buy without too much convincing because, as we covered earlier, it provides them with the solution.

But generally you have to do the hard work, because your potential customers won’t. If there’s an easier option or someone else gets to them first…then that’s another sale lost!

You could consider one or more of these to help keep in front of your leads:

  • Newsletter
  • Follow up phone call/email
  • Blog
  • Vlog  (short videos)
  • Product announcements, offers
  • Latest research, etc

Make it informative, interactive and add value so they can instantly see the benefit in choosing your business over your competitors.

End your lead generation and conversion frustrations by knowing what problem your target market has, positioning your business as the credible solution and always keeping in front of them with consistent follow ups!

micro business actionToday’s Micro Action

Answer these questions:

  1. What problem does your product or service solve for your customers?
  2. How do you currently build trust with your target market?
  3. How can you improve on this?
  4. What do you currently give to your customers in exchange for their contact details?
  5. What could you give that is of a higher perceived value to increase lead generation?
  6. Commit to consistent follow ups with ALL your leads using at least two from the list above