Warning: Are You Making These Five Needless Mistakes With Your Copy?



But explaining you’re a “non-writer” is not a good enough excuse for publishing rubbish content.

What’s more, you simply can’t afford to do it. Your prospects and customers are unforgiving and if you’re not dishing up what they want, they’ll quickly look elsewhere.

I see it all the time. With so much content on the web, and the minimal cost of email marketing and blog publishing, a lot of business owners hurriedly shove stuff out there – but then get disappointed when the results they expected don’t materialise. So if your copy isn’t attracting the leads, it could be because you’re making one of these five common mistakes.

Well read on and you’ll find out…

1.     You don’t write enough:

I don’t have the time”. “I don’t know what to write”. “Won’t I annoy people if I’m constantly in their face?”

I hear these “excuses” all the time and yes, I know writing is hard work – especially if it’s outside your core skillset. But here’s the thing. Customer buying habits have changed – significantly. In fact, your customers are likely to be between 60-70% of the way through their buying decision before they even make contact with you. And that means if you want to attract new business, you must provide quality content that supports the research phase of the buying process.

What’s more, never forget it’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to remind customers to do business with you. If you’re not in touch, you’ll quickly become out of mind. It means, if you’re not getting something new out there at least once a week – you’re most certainly leaving cash on the table.

2.     You rush it:

Quality copy that’s fit for purpose and created to get tangible results takes time. It’s not something you can reel off in a few hurried minutes. Do that and your content will be prone to mistakes, AND has probably missed a few tricks in terms of getting your message read.

Now the amount of time you spend will vary depending on what you’re creating. For example you’ll spend a lot longer on that piece of direct mail than your latest blog post. After all, the stakes are higher. HOWEVER never under-estimate the amount of time good quality takes. I know that 500 words doesn’t look much on a page BUT the finished, polished version hides all the time spent editing, tweaking headlines, jigging the order, fine-tuning specific words and trying to read the message through the eyes of a customer.

 3.     It’s not targeted:

It’s a fact. Most businesses don’t stand out. Instead they blend in with the masses and push out content that’s indistinguishable from their competitors. BIG MISTAKE. It’s well worth being different. With so much noise and information competing for your customer’s attention, you’ve got to do something unique to get noticed. Your personality will help with that so use it and abuse it! But in addition, hone in on your target audience. When you intimately understand the type of people you just LOVE working with, you can tailor your copy specifically to them. And the more relevant your message reads, the more likely it is you’ll get a response.

 4.     It’s not integrated into the bigger picture:

Your marketing copy must tie into your wider business goals. And if you’re looking for any sort of sustainable, business success you need to establish yourself as an authority in your niche. Fortunately content is a sure-fire way to help you do that – especially if you get your strategy right. You see a lot of businesses owners make the mistake of creating content that’s purely focused on driving sales.

And whilst that may help your short-term cash flow, it’s not doing you any favours for the future. The secret is to focus on relationship building. Remember. People like to do business with those they know, like and trust and the content you create is fundamental in helping you create the information assets to make this a possibility.

5.     You don’t ask for the sale:

Persuasive copy (i.e. the stuff you’re busy creating for your business) has just one objective.

To entice people to take some form of action.

Sometimes that will be to make a sale, but equally it could involve downloading an eBook, encouraging subscription to your list, asking for a comment or getting them to reply to an email.

It’s a shocker but most businesses don’t do this. Instead they sign off with a weak, faffy call to action that fails to persuade the reader to do anything. So avoid this dangerous mistake by ensuring every piece of copy you create has a tangible action. And then define that action as clearly and as specifically as you can. Do this and your response rate will soar!

But it’s all right for you…

Now it’s true. Those people who are skilled at writing persuasive copy have a significant advantage here. But that doesn’t mean you non-writers have to miss out. In fact, there are two things you can do to ensure your content is supercharged for success.   

  1. Study copywriting so you have a better grasp on what it takes to write words that sell. OR
  2. Find a copywriter that you really connect with and build a long-term relationship with them.

And if you want a good start, why not sign up for my 30 free copywriting tips 🙂 It’s easy to do, just click here.

Over to you

What aspects of copywriting do you get stuck with? What prevents you creating content on a regular, consistent basis to attract leads, build relationships and find new customers? Please let me know in the comments below.