Top Tips For Using Twitter In Business – What’s Yours?


Twitter LogoThis week we’ve discovered:

  1. Why social media is essential for your business.
  2. How to engage followers and build relationships.
  3. How to maximise your time.
  4. And how to sidestep common mistakes.

Are you addicted?

When it comes to social media if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably got it bad…

In fact you just can’t get enough!

But when it comes to Twitter there are lots of very good reasons for feeling this way.

What has Twitter done for you?

Here’s why I love it:

  • I met Jo (my Hub business partner) on Twitter,
  • It breaks the isolation of working from home,
  • You get a glimpse at what other people are doing, and
  • It’s an effective way to  make new connections and build your network.

It even helped me find new customers, build my reputation and forge strong relationships with people I would never otherwise have met.

You’ve probably come across some clever, creative and effective uses of Twitter. Here are some of my favourites. What’s yours?

Raise your profile

No doubt, Twitter is a powerful way to raise your profile.

Small Business Sunday – #SBS

@TheoPaphitis’ Sunday night #SBS competition is a great example of how Twitter can put micro businesses in the spotlight. Winners have gained more followers, increased hits to their website and made extra sales.

I won #SBS on Sunday 13th May.

And as a result achieved some local media coverage and two radio interviews. You can read my story here.

Online promotional networks

@purpledognet has built a whole virtual community around tweeting. At just over a year old, Purple Dog started off as a promoter of other small businesses. The idea quickly caught on and PurpleDog’s loyal following grew. The new Purple Dog Network offers an affordable way for small businesses to learn and play, and the #purplebiz of the day continues to be a valuable way to gain exposure and build your following.

In fact there are now numerous initiatives to help you get more followers and raise your profile. Maybe some will work for you? There’s #Bizitalk – where followers actively retweet tweets containing that hashtag, and each Sunday the @mumpreneurUK ladies run the #follow(something)… trend.

Creative uses of Twitter

The poet Jan Jacks tweets as @janniejack. Jan is a fellow #SBS winner as well as a comedian and speaker. She writes bespoke verse for special occasions and uses Twitter to showcase her skills. I love how she shows up in my timeline with her quirky, clever rhymes. They always make me smile and I’m sure they get retweeted a lot. Check out this one…

Writer, coach and laughter advocate @AllegraGee uses Twitter to share her vision that we should play at business. She’s the one to go to for virtual tea and cake, as well as an innovative use of hashtags. Allegra runs Friday’s #TeamInspire and tweets her top business tips. Here’s a couple to give you a flavour…


What say you?

These examples are not the minority. There are numerous examples of creative or effective uses of Twitter.

And to get some new ideas I asked Hub readers to share examples of how they use Twitter for business.

Have a read through. And if you’ve got a great story to tell, please share in the comments below.

Happy tweeting 🙂

Maxine Johnston – Life’s A Celebration – @Maxine_Johnston

I quickly realised Twitter was a great tool for easily getting yourself heard. I never approached it with a strategy as such but soon began to understand that if you strike up conversations with people you can get your message spread very quickly. By being friendly and chatting to people, retweeting others’ tweets and posting helpful articles you soon build up a small army of followers that will support you in the way that you support them. A considerable amount of my business comes through twitter and I enjoy all the conversations I have.

Clare Ashby – Rosebud Events @RosebudEvents

My strategy for Twitter is simple. It’s a communication tool that allows me to spread my word and show what I can help other businesses achieve.  It offers me a medium to share useful information (both personally and for my clients) and it allows me to network with other businesses without having to leave the house and find child-minders. Something which is very important to me as a busy mumpreneur!

Craig Sharp – Abussi IT @CraigAtAbussi

My strategy for using Twitter has simply been to follow interesting people, retweet interesting links or articles and promote Abussi’s original Blog material. I’ve also used Twitter to find people or groups with whom I can partner to develop my online profile and exposure. A good example is @ITDonut who I got to know exclusively via Twitter. I’m now one of their online experts –

Mark Jones – London & South Est Property Auctions @PropAuctionsSE

I’m really into #Bizitalk and I use Twitter to make “threats” to help the community gain more retweets, blog visitors, Facebook contacts and of course new followers. Ok my ‘threats’ are of course made in a jokey manner, but it’s amazing the attention I’ve received by mentioning I’m about to send the boys round if Twitter users do not do as I say!

On a more serious note, social media has helped my business get noticed by more people on a daily basis. This has lead to more enquiries and business I may not have had otherwise. Twitter has proved to be a very cost effective advertising tool.

Simon Jones – Mr Paint – @bespokepainter

I use Twitter constantly. It helps me connect with celebrities and londoners alike. I share my work (and a little of my life) and find Twitter opens doors that are otherwise hard to open. Here’s an example, where else could I have directly asked a celebrity hairdresser  what company he uses for his salon design?  I’d have to spend hundreds a month on advertising to reach the same audience, and the biggest bonus is the management of my business from my phone!

Today’s Micro Action

micro business actionFirst share your top Twitter tip and then chose a new creative strategy to get Twitter working harder for your business.