Here’s Why You Need A Compelling Vision for Your Business


Businessman stand on the pier and watching the mountain and cloud of sunri“If you don’t know where you’re going, then it doesn’t matter which road you take, does it?” The Cheshire Cat, Alice In Wonderland

Do you remember back when you started your business? All those dreams you had then?

Maybe you wanted some flexibility; to give you time to do other stuff in your life. Maybe you were fed up of the office politics and the latest redundancies and wanted to take some control back in your life. Or maybe you’d had enough of earning money for other people and thought it was about time you started doing it for yourself.

Somehow along the way though, you’ve lost track of this and got caught up; chasing after work, being busy, working more and more hours in your business, until suddenly you realise you don’t have time to come up for air.

You’re feeling jaded in your business, like your spark has gone. Will you ever reach those goals you had at the beginning?

Well, let’s start there, back at the beginning.

To recapture your spark we need to go back to the start and create a compelling vision.

Having a vision is about living intentionally instead of living accidentally

(1) Why did you set up your business?

Grab a notebook and start to write down why you started your business in the first place. What do you hope to achieve? How do you want it to fit in with the rest of your life? Who do you want to work with? How much do you want to earn? What hours do you want to work? How many weeks holiday do you want to take each year?

You need to get really clear on where you want to be to start making your way there.

(2) Where is Your Business Going

Now imagine yourself in 3 years’ time, when you’ve achieved your objectives and are in the place you want to be.

You’re about to be interviewed for a TV programme, ‘The new breed of successful Entrepreneurs’. The interviewer asks you “Can you tell us what a typical week looks like for you?”

Write down what your answer will be.

(3) Vision Summary

Now you’ve got a clear vision of where you want to be, summarise it into 2 or 3 sentences.

What words will capture the essence of your business and lifestyle vision? How do you want to feel?

The reason for summarising your vision is simply so that you can write it down quickly and remember it easily.

(4) Rinse and repeat!

Once you are happy with your ‘vision in a nutshell’, simply read it every day and write it down every day. You may want to keep a notebook by the side of your bed so that you can do this each morning.

Keep it visible. Try writing it on a postcard and use this as a bookmark. Or put it as your screensaver, maybe getting creative and using a visual representation of your words.

This will help to keep your vision at the forefront of your mind so that you will naturally create your business strategy, goals and daily tasks so that they are in alignment with your compelling vision.

Make this into a daily habit, like brushing your teeth!

Having your vision clear in your mind will not only help to restore your spark in your business but it will also help you to be more productive

You will start to realise where you are spending time on tasks that do not move you to your vision.

You will start to find it easier to say ‘no’ to things that don’t align.

You will start to see the opportunities around you that do move you forward to your vision.

You will be able to begin each month reviewing what you are going to do, to move you forward and review what you did the previous month. How much nearer are you?

Whatever you are working on in your business you will be able to ask ‘is this moving me towards my vision?’

This really helps to clear your mind and keep your focus, and avoid being ‘busy’ and start bring productive and reaching your vision.

micro business actionToday’s Micro Action

Produce your own compelling vision following these steps and keep it close at hand to review regularly.