Combine Email Marketing With Social Media For Better Business


combine email with social mediaEmail marketing and social media marketing. It’s not an either or proposition.

In fact they go together like Morecambe and Wise, Rhubarb and Custard, Mr Burns and Smithers!

Both email marketing and social media are different, and both can be effective on their own. But if you combine your email marketing with your social media activity you can create a powerful marketing mix that can maximise your marketing and increase the impact of your messages.


But why should you integrate your email marketing and social media plans? What are the benefits?

For a start, combining email marketing and social media will also improve your email open rates. According to a survey by VerticalResponse, small businesses that combined email and social media marketing services experienced a 28% higher open rate than companies who didn’t.

Other studies show that social media users also check their email more frequently than people who aren’t active on social media sites which means you are more likely to get your email noticed in a busy inbox.

Prospects and customers don’t just inhabit one channel, by increasing the channels you use to communicate with your customers, prospects and fans you’re giving them a choice on how to engage with you in a way they feel comfortable with. This in turn increases the ‘trust’ of your brand.

This multi-channel approach:

  • Increases the reach of your marketing messages
  • Provides additional ways to connect with your target audience and
  • Can ultimately increase the size of your mailing list.

This in turn helps you develop conversations and relationships, increase your sales and grow your business.


I network with a really great social media marketer and the one thing she’s always telling people is that “you need to be where your prospects and customers are“. So first and foremost find out where your prospects and customer hang out. Which platforms do they use? And then be where your target audience is.

Once you’ve established a presence, there are lots of practical ways to integrate and combine your email newsletters and social media marketing.

Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Promote your latest email newsletter on your social media channels by posting a link to the online version of your newsletter.
  2. Include links to your opt-in sign up forms on your social media channels.
  3. Ask followers and fans on your social media channels to visit your email newsletter archive.
  4. Include obvious links to each of your social media presences in your email and invite email subscribers to connect with you on them.
  5. Ask email recipients to share your latest email on their social media channels.
  6. Build an email opt-in form on Facebook – most email software services do this for you.
  7. Use snippets from your newsletter content on your social media channels, and link them back to your email archive.
  8. Let social media followers know the day before that your newsletter is coming out and include a link to an opt-in subscriber form.
  9. Pin your email newsletter on Pinterest.
  10. Include icons, links, hashtags and even stories around your social networks on your email marketing.
  11. Use to your social media channels to research what content people want to read in your email newsletter.
  12. Create a focus period where you focus on one particular theme that forms the basis for all your content in your email, social media channels, blog, networking, etc.

The above list isn’t exhaustive. What are you doing to integrate your email newsletters and social media marketing? Please leave your ideas and suggestions in teh comments below.

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