How To Choose Web Hosting


Web HostingWith so many web hosting companies and prices varying from virtually nothing to over £100 per month, how do you choose?

1. Be Clear About What You Need

Make a note of your answers to these questions:

  1. How much disk space will you need? Your web pages are unlikely to take much space but factor in the space required by photos, and videos and audio files if you are hosting these with your site (and not embedding them from services such as YouTube or AudioBoo).
  2. Get an estimate of what bandwidth you will need per month. If your site is already running then take a look at your Google Analytics pageviews and multiple that by the average size of a web page plus its non html content such as photos and any videos and audio you are hosting on your site.
  3. What platform will your site be using – WordPress, Joomla, Drupal? What additional software does your platform need – PHP, MySQL? Or do you plan to use a sitebuilder?
  4. Do you want to use your domain address for email? How many email accounts do you need?
  5. Will you need to make secure transactions on your website? If you do then you need a host that offers SSL certificates.
  6. Do you need any special services such as a dedicated IP address or a Virtual Private Server?

2. Get Recommendations

Ask for recommendations. Ask friends, business associates, Twitter and other social media channels. Compile a list. Put a star against the web hosts you get multiple recommendations for.

Using your answers to point 1, check out the recommended web hosts to find out if they provide the services you need.

Do they support the platform you are going to use and do they offer a one click install for it?

If you are not sure then give their pre-sales or tech support a call – did they answer the phone quickly and were they helpful?

Finally make a note of their prices for your disk space and bandwidth requirements.

Cross off any that don’t meet your requirements.

3. Whittle Down Your Shortlist Down

a) Technical support

One of the most important things I look for in a web host is good technical support. I had a client who’s website was down with a database error on a Friday afternoon. She called her tech support and they said they would get back to her after the weekend! This is just not good enough. I currently use a company with 24/7 support who usually get back to me within 15 minutes to any queries I make, even on a Saturday evening.

Check their tech support offering. Is it 24/7? If you didn’t need to call their tech support to answer your questions in step 2, do so now.

Do they provide telephone support or are they only contactable via email or a ticketing system?

Also check their social media streams and check on Twitter for mentions of them. Do their customers seem happy?

b) Where are their servers?

Does the company you are considering have their own servers or are they resellers of someone else’s hosting? I’d prefer to use a company who manage their own servers.

Are their servers in the UK? This may be important to you if you are targeting a UK audience but are using a non-geographic domain name such as .com or .org. See this video by Matt Cutts from Google’s webspam team where he talks about the importance of server location.

c) What do they promise?

Do they promise 99%, 99.9% or 100% uptime? Bear in mind 1% of downtime is equivalent to over 7 hours a month when your website could potentially not be available.

Have a look at their T&Cs – do they offer a refund if they fail to meet their promise? This is not about the money but about getting a feel for how confident they are about meeting their promise.

d) Price

Hopefully you are down to just a few potential web hosts now. So why not compare the prices?

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