Easy Ways To Break The Twitter Ice In These Four Common Situations


Just how do you break the Twitter ice and make the right impression?

We all know that the beauty of using Twitter in the right way comes from letting the world know about your business, sharing useful and interesting information AND having individual conversations with people.

Now, usually, just by scrolling down your timeline or lists of people you specifically want to listen to, you can pull out tweets to respond to. (And that will be after you’ve checked your @ mentions and DMs of course!)

However, sometimes all you see is a sea of responses to other tweets or a list of information tweets you feel you really can’t engage with. Or maybe you know you want to start chatting with a particular person, but you baulk at the thought? Or maybe there are some tweets you want to respond to, but all of a sudden you’ve got stage-fright and don’t know what to say ….

Well, here are some ideas on how to get those tweets flowing and the relationships building:

Situation One: Person new to you on twitter that you want to engage with

In this situation you can break the ice by learning more. The obvious opening lines for a person new to you on twitter are questions about the details in the person’s profile, such as:

  • “ I see you’re from ….. – how long have you lived there?”
  • “Your business sounds fascinating / fantastic – how long have you been running it?”
  • “That hobby/ career sounds amazing– how did you get into that?”
  • “What a lovely area you come from– do you ever go to ….  ? Might see you there!”

Situation Two: Person found by searching conversations for key phrases.

As well as allowing you to get your business ideas and information in front of a lot of people in an instant, Twitter allows you to pick out tweets from people who might need your help or advice by using its powerful search function.

In these instances you don’t want to sell but you could offer useful information, or you could empathise or help celebrate, and seek to draw out the conversation.

If you have information that could help, try this:

“This article/ video might give you some ideas / answers – hope it helps!!” (with link!)

If you need to empathise or celebrate, how about:

“Wow, sounds amazing – what did you have to do to prepare / train for that?”

“How do you manage to do …. and …. – you must be so well-organised!!”

“Oh that’s terrible; have you tried ….?”

Situation Three: Want someone to talk to

Do you feel in a chatty mood but it doesn’t look like there are any tweets around that you feel like responding to? Then try one of these:

  • “It is just me or are Mars Bars really smaller than they were 3 years ago?”
  • “So who should be kicked out of the X Factor / Strictly / Big Brother house this week?”
  • “ …… – love it or hate it?”
  • “What’s your biggest  ……. challenge?”

Situation Four: Wanting to make the most of a conversation

Maybe you’ve just exchanged one tweet and you don’t know what else to say. How about introducing your new contact to one of your well-established contacts with a similar interest or approach to life?

  • “Meet @ …..  I think you might have a lot in common”

Remember to make the most of every opportunity you’re given to have a conversation – so if someone re-tweets you or gives you an #FF (Follow Friday recommendation) don’t just say thanks but use it as an opportunity to ask a question to get a response, for example

Thanks for the RT – how’s your week going?”

“Thanks for the FF – have you got anything planned for the weekend?”

Over to you. Do you have any tips and tricks for increasing conversations on twitter? Please comment in the box below.

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Make some new connections today using some of these ice breakers. Feel free to try them out on me 🙂