7 Inspired Ways To Boost Your Business Success in 2013


Beautiful inspired woman is looking upTraditionally, New Year is a time for making change. Thousands of people all over the country will be sitting down and writing out their resolutions in order to affect personal change and transformation in the coming year.

And by the end of January, most people will have given up on those resolutions and returned to more familiar ways of being.

Maybe as a micro business owner you know that there are changes you’d like to make in order to have more success this year? Maybe you’re about to sit down and set your business vision and goals for the coming year?

But just how do you go about making changes and setting goals that will stick and be successful?

Ensuring that you have the right mindset, one that is geared up for success, will give you a boost in the right direction.

Here are my top seven tips for a mindset that boosts business success in 2013.

1.  Take stock of where you are now

Instead of making knee-jerk changes based on a limited picture of 2012, make the time to sit down and review your year. Note your successes and achievements, month by month, and make sure you include the small ones too – those small ‘wins’ build into a big picture and will tell you a lot about yourself. Reflect on what’s worked, what could be done better and what have you learned from the more challenging times.

2.  Celebrate your journey so far

Recognise your success and be proud of it! You’re further down the road than you were a year ago. Learn to blow your own trumpet; I have a wall in my office with testimonials stuck to it that gives me a constant reminder that I’m good at my job.  How do you acknowledge your successes? Develop daily, weekly and monthly routines that allow you to reflect on what you’ve done well. This will stop you being so hard on yourself when things don’t quite go according to plan.

3.  Explore the reality of your current situation before setting your business goals

What changes and improvements need to be made and what are you actually willing to do? Sometimes we set ourselves unachievable goals because we fail to appreciate our day to day realities. Are you over-estimating the time available to you? Are your plans for growth carefully paced so you can deliver what you promise? How scalable is your business? Do you have the skills and expertise to needed for the next phase, or will you need support? How much travel are you willing to do? When you’ve answered these sort of questions honestly, you’ll be in a much better place to make plans.

4.  Find your ‘why’ first

Sometimes it’s a better starting place to understand what motivates you and what you’re trying to achieve. Set your vision for the future and then design any changes and goals around this. If you want to spend more time with your family, setting goals and targets that involve time away from home won’t support that. If your aim is to make a living by working work part time hours, then make sure you’re charging enough for the hours you do work.

5.  Identify your Marginal Gains

The British Olympic cycling team identified small changes that could be made to a cyclist’s lifestyle, training, diet and equipment. These small changes weren’t significant on their own but as part of the bigger picture, they contributed towards the success of the team. Change doesn’t have to be huge – simply identifying some ‘tweaks’ that can be made, can put you in a positive frame of mind that’s geared for success. For example, getting up 15 minutes earlier to gather your thoughts for the day ahead can be very calming and focussing.

6.  Focus your attention

Where you place your attention is where your experience will be. Whilst it’s great to set goals and have something to aim for, learn to focus on the here-and-now. Enjoy the moment, focus on the present and enjoy it – appreciation for what you have can make you feel fantastic and help boost productivity. Waiting until you achieve your goals to feel successful is like wishing your life away; you’re good enough now. It’s also a great antidote for stress, worry and anxiety.

7.  Give yourself the gift of time – for you

Make yourself a priority. Self-care needs to come top of your to-do list. Learn to say ‘NO’ and set boundaries for yourself. Having some downtime will help ensure that you’re always fresh and in the right frame of mind to think clearly about your success – and how you’re going to achieve it.

micro business actionToday’s Micro Action

Following these simple tips will help you to achieve even greater things in 2013 by making sure you have the mindset to be happy, confident and successful! Take 10 minutes today to work out how you can apply these steps to your micro business.