Do You Ask These Five Power Questions In Your Micro Business?



You’ve taken the plunge.

You’ve started your own micro business and now you’re in for the roller-coaster ride of your life!

The ‘highs’ of running your own business are many; flexibility, freedom, the chance to set your own agenda, letting your unique talents shine, and taking the ultimate responsibility for your life – living off your own earnings.

With it, however, may come the ‘lows’ and to survive you must be mentally prepared.

And to do that you need a plan to ensure you don’t become an unsuspecting entrepreneur who’s ill equipped to deal with the gamut of emotions that threaten even the most focussed and talented person.

Strategies for success

As a trained, experienced business coach, my work in supporting micro-business owners has revealed several key areas.

Each of these must be addressed in order to stand the best chance of running your business successfully.

These incude:

  • The need to be realistic,
  • Hold a personal vision,
  • Identify sources of support, and
  • Develop a mindset that’s geared for success.

Plan for those wobbles

You’ve written the business plan, set ambitious goals and have enthusiasm and capability by the bucket load.

But what are you going to do on the days when the phone doesn’t ring and your client supply dries up?

It’s not all plain sailing.

In other words, have you got a plan for the ‘wobbly’ days?

The smart micro business owner understands that the right mindset and support  is crucial to their success.

Something for the weekend:

Here are my five power questions with some helpful hints to get you thinking this weekend.

They’ll help you identify the most helpful mindset and approach to running your business and protect your most precious asset – YOU!

1. What do you want?

Nudges: What is your ultimate goal?

Learning to connect to your vision is vital.  You need to sum up your dream in a few words, so it resonates deeply with you. It will help you to remember why you started your micro business and signal to your brain where you want to go, and remind your brain why you’re going there.

2. Are you living on purpose?

Nudges: What do you love about the life you have now?

Running your micro-business should feel like it’s not work. It’s your passion, your love. When you’re living purposefully, you’re in the flow where everything feels easy and comfortable. Are you connecting to your vision everyday?

3. What depletes you?

Nudges: What do you need to ‘stop’ in order to ‘go’?

Get aware means and pledge to have less of it in your life by avoiding people and situations that ‘drain you’.

4. What replenishes you?

Nudges: Who and what ‘fills you up’?

What sources of support are open to you, both people and places, music, words and sources of inspiration?

5. What will help you succeed?

Nudges: Unless you believe that you can succeed, how will anyone else?

Listing all your unique skills, talents and experiences will help you to re-affirm that you have what it takes to ‘win’. Nurturing self-belief is one of the keys to your success.