Are you following the right people on Twitter?


African American businesswoman social networkTwitter is a fantastic networking and marketing tool.

But when you first sign up and create an account, it can be a complete minefield. Who do you follow? The temptation is to click on the oh-so-helpful Twitter suggestions of who to follow such as Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Stephen Fry.

But are these really people who will be beneficial to you and your business?

The most effective ‘who to follow’ strategy is to always keep in your head why you are on Twitter.

  • Are you there to meet local businesses?
  • Build a network of suppliers?
  • Learn from your industry leaders?

Once you have determined your reasons for being there in the first place, you will naturally have a list of useful people pop into your head.

There will be a few people you know through networking that you can search for and follow. You will remember the name a speaker you saw at a conference who really inspired you. You’ll have a look for your industry’s association and see what types of things they tweet. Already you will be starting to build a group of really useful and interesting Twitter people.

It may be that there is a very small number of people you want to follow on Twitter, and that’s ok. It’s your tool to use as you wish. The goal is not to follow (or be followed by) everyone, but to make genuinely useful and interesting connections.

If you have a clear strategy of why you are on Twitter then you will find that it works much better for you. And it’s unlikely that Justin Bieber will ever fall into that camp.

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What’s your top tip for building your Twitter network and ensuring you are following the right people? Please let me know in the comments below.