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What we do

The Hub is an online magazine for busy micro business owners.

If you want to find more customers, make more sales and grow your micro business, you’re in the right place.

That’s because each week we publish high quality articles packed with thought-provoking ideas, tips that can grow your business and advice that’s specifically tailored to people just like you who run their own very small business.

What’s more, we only focus on topics that matter and are relevant to micro businesses. After all you have different needs and requirements to SMEs and larger corporations.

Here’s what one reader has to say about the Hub…

“The Micro Business Hub is my ‘go to’ resource for the best in ‘how to do it help’ that really speaks to me and provides step-by-step practical advice I can follow easily. I subscribed because Jo & Georgina have excellent reputations as individual businesses and I was right to do so, as all the content at the Hub is high quality. I appreciate the micro actions and positive focus as a lot of blogs are about what we are doing wrong as business owners. We do lots right, and that’s exactly what the Micro Business Hub is about. What is to be celebrated about micro businesses and sharing quality content from one business to another in a spirit of community“.

Hub Reader Rosie SlosekOne Man Band Accounting.

So if you’re committed to making your business a success, join us at the Hub and learn more of the things you can do to make your micro business flourish.


We believe smart, useful information can revolutionise your micro business. In addition, we believe you’ve got to retain that “big picture” focus and constantly work ON your business to stay competitive and achieve success.

And that means you’ve got to get yourself into the realm of creativity and innovation. Fresh ideas, information and insights offer the stimulus to get there and we’re here to help by sowing those seeds.

The question is, what will you do with the information you read?

Who’s behind the Hub?

We’re two passionate women who met on Twitter. The Hub exists to inspire other micro business owners to think big and build a successful business that’s competitive, relevant and creative.

Georgina El Morshdy – Hub Editor

Georgina El Morshdy - Micro Business Hub EditorHi, I’m the Hub’s editor and the person responsible for the content you read on this site. I’m also the wordsmith and content marketing consultant at Gem Writing where I specialise in helping micro business owners communicate their message and do justice to their business. I create content marketing strategies, write web copy and can help you create a word strategy that attracts your target customer’s attention and converts interest into sales.

I’m also an #SBS winner, avid blogger, author of the Healthy Kids Kit Diary and creator of 7 Steps to Writing Copy That Sells.

“I love being a micro business owner. I love the freedom it offers and the flexibility to create and innovate. If you want a place to get inspired, learn new things and grow with your business, you’ll find the Hub will help you to do that.”

Jo Waltham – Director

Jo Waltham - Micro Business Hub DirectorHi, I’m the technical brains behind the Micro Business Hub and the person to contact if you find any issues with the Hub’s website or have any suggestions for new website features or functions.

I’m also the WordPress whizz who creates elegant, functional micro business websites and the techy angel who loves to fix the problems that give the rest of us a headache. You can find me at Callia Web.

“When I started my first business I felt quite alone and worried how to appear corporate. I found great support on Twitter and soon learnt to embrace my micro status. The Hub is here to help and support all micro business owners whether starting up or established and to build a community of like minded business people.”

Georgina and Jo.