3 Simple Steps To Creating A Confident Team


Your team are key to the success of your micro business.

Whether that’s people you employ, or the informal network you’ve built up around you.

A motivated and confident team means a high performing one. Confident teams are:

  • More engaged,
  • Will buy into your business values and aims,
  • Will go the extra mile for you,
  • Will be more productive, effective and profitable.

In fact, one of my own business principles is that staff are the most vital business resource. When treated properly, they will help your business to thrive. As Stephen Covey says,

“Always treat your employees exactly as you would want them to treat your best customers”.

So how do you go about growing a confident, engaged team that will grow your business for you?

In my own work with business owners, I know that leading staff and dealing with the issues that arise, can demand a lot of time, and can be a real confidence drainer if not handled correctly.

To help, here are my top three tips for micro business owners wanting to develop a confident team.

1. Like them!

Many years ago when I was a teacher, a seven year old came bounding up to me. She told me she knew I liked her because every time I looked at her I smiled.

It had such an profound impact that her words have stayed with me for the past 15 years.

Do your staff know that you like them? How do they know?

Do you smile at them? Do you use their name when you address them? Do you bark orders and ignore them? Does your approach change when you’re feeling under pressure? What do you know about them personally? Do you acknowledge birthdays and family events? What do you do to make them feel like people that matter to you?

“Everyone has an invisible sign hanging from their neck saying ‘Make me feel important’. Never forget this when working with people.” Mary Kay Ash.

Acknowledging your staff every day will really help to make them feel valued, part of the team and build their confidence.

2. Talent Spotting

What would you say was your own special talent or ability?

If there was one thing you absolutely excel in, what is it?

Think about it…

What does it feel like to say ‘I’m fantastic at…’

What effect does that have on your own confidence?

Now imagine if your team all knew what their own special talents were. How might that affect their performance?  What benefits would there be for your business in having a team that knew what they were good at as individuals? And if that information was shared, just think what could be achieved.

3. Build a culture of ownership

The story goes that in 1961, JFK visited NASA. While he was there, he met a man cleaning the floor. When asked what his job was, the cleaner replied, ‘Sir, I am helping to put a man on the moon.’

Can you think what the benefits could be of building such a culture of ownership in your business? What would it be like if every member of staff felt confident that they could make a real difference like that?

Does every member of your staff truly understand what your business is trying to achieve, and how important their own role in that process is?

Empowering staff to know they can positively affect what happens in your business can act as an incredible motivator. So give them some real power to make meaningful decisions. Ensure your business mission and aims are shared with everyone. Celebrate success and invest in your staff in small, thoughtful ways like providing them all with business cards can have a dramatic effect.

Another simple way to build a sense of the ‘team’ is to display photographs of all members of staff somewhere prominent. This fosters a sense of belonging, recognises the need to be acknowledged and confers status upon individual team members.

What have you done to help build your team, and what benefits have you found? Tell me in the comments below.

micro business actionToday’s Micro Action

For every team member you have, notice one great thing they do this week and find a way to acknowledge and thank them for it.