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Inside a packed “Inspire Your Way To A Successful Micro Business” are nine original articles written by thought leaders.

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Who’s inside Inspire Your Way To A Successful Micro Business?

On each page these nine successful micro business owners will share thought provoking insights into their specialist field. For a flavour, scan the titles to see what’s on offer, and ask yourself “what could you learn?”

Georgina El Morshdy - Micro Business Hub Editor

Why it’s time to join the micro business revolution

by Georgina El Morshdy (Micro Business Hub)

Janine Beattie

How to market your micro business on a budget

by Janine Beattie (Optimum Business Support)

Craig Sharp

Why smart business owners have their heads in the cloud

by Craig Sharp (Abussi IT Support)

Cara Sayer

Can’t keep up? 8 Really simple ideas to drive your micro business to success

by Cara Sayer (Snoozeshade)

Rachel Perry

A plain speaking guide to attracting more business with great Facebook content

by Rachel Perry (Rachel Perry Social Media)

Stanford Smith

29 No-brainer tips for quick blogging success

by Stanford Smith (Pushing Social)

Lucy Matthews

Top 10 PR secrets every micro business owner should know

by Lucy Matthews (Lucy Matthews Public Relations)

Allegra Gee

How to get out of your own way and fly past your potential

by Allegra Gee (

Susan Ritchie

From inaction to inspiration: 7 proven strategies for putting the brilliance back in your business

by Susan Ritchie (You Time Coaching)

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Because as a micro business owner you probably head up each department. But perhaps you lack experience in some areas. As such you’re always learning, constantly experimenting and looking for those eureka moments that quickstep your business forward.

The Micro Business Hub is an online magazine written by micro business owners for micro business owners.

As you know knowledge, ideas and inspiration are the route to creativity and innovation.

And if you inject fresh thinking into your business, you’ll maximise your chances of hitting on that big idea to help you grow.

Each weekday the Hub publishes a quality article to help you achieve just that. So if you’re really committed to business success, join us…

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