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Social Media Plan

How To Create A Social Media Plan For 2013

20 December 2012 by Julia Bramble

Are you one of the many, many business owners who’s been lured by the new, shiny promise of opportunity that those who rave about social media have dangled in front of you? And have you too jumped in and created Twitter, Facebook and maybe LinkedIn accounts without really thinking about it? And are you now finding that maybe you aren’t seeing the results or success that you were led to believe ... Read More


Content Marketing

Be a better blogger

Blog Like An Expert In 4 Easy Steps

Blog week has covered a lot of ground. On Monday Dina Behrman explained 7 undeniable reasons to blog for business. On Tuesday Kassia Gardner ... Read More


Better and Best Price - Two-Way Street Sign

How To Set The Right Price For What You Sell

When running a micro business what do you think is the most important factor in determining the level of business needed to make a success of ... Read More

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Twitter Logo

Five Simple Tactics To Use Twitter As A PR Tool

Twitter is THE PR tool for the 21st century. And for so many reasons: Used properly, it's a brilliant way of lifting your profile, It can ... Read More

Sales & Marketing

The art of selling through words

The Art Of Selling Through Words

Professional copywriters use words as tools to persuade an audience: Their client has the answer to their particular problem. To motivate the ... Read More


Website mistakes

Hub Webinar – 6 Signs Your Website Is Ineffective

As a micro business owner your website is your most important marketing tool. Get it wrong and you'll turn customers off. Get it right and ... Read More

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Click the mouse

How to Get Search Engine Visitors Clicking Through to Your Website

I’d like you to imagine a box of apples. They’re sitting on the shelf at the shop. One Apple is nicely positioned on top of the box so you ... Read More