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How To Use Google+ Hangouts In Your Micro Business

29 November 2012 by Daniel Honey

For those of you who read my previous Micro Business Hub article about Google+, you’ll remember I’m a downright Google+aholic. I’m also not shy of extolling the virtues of the social media channel, which I implore you all to join (it’s not a cult...honest!), and in this article I’m going to look at one of its best features - Hangouts. Google+ Hangouts is a video chat service from ... Read More


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Why Smart Micro Business Owners Are Content Marketing

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How To Sidestep Common Social Media Mistakes

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The Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing For Beginners

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The Five People You Need On Your Team

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Six SEO Myths That Waste Your Time And Cost You Money

If your micro business has a website (and chances are it should) then it’s likely you’ve heard a lot about SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation. If ... Read More