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Best Practices for AB Testing

23 October 2013 by James Harding

It is time to get real about A/B testing. What is A/B testing, I hear you ask? The problem is that this is a question many micro business owners have. If they have even heard of the practice at all, of course, which many of them haven't. No one has been around to explain it to them. You might be surprised to learn that A/B testing is both a marketing and a design practice. Normally those two ... Read More


Content Marketing

Warning: Are You A Boring Blogger?

Is your blog keeping your readers up at night, buzzing with new ideas or is it sending them to sleep? A blog is a great tool to attract visitors to ... Read More


Bank - Business Finance

Good vs bad: making the right debt choices

Debt is sometimes seen as bad business, but it can be a great way to gain a competitive advantage by providing the capital needed to seize ... Read More

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How To Boost Micro Business Sales (and have a little fun) With Vine

Move over Facebook – there’s a new kid on the social networking block, and it packs a punch for marketers.  A simple video app, launched in ... Read More

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Mucky Marketing

The Mucky Key to Micro Business Marketing

Do you want your marketing to really appeal to your perfect customer?  If so, you need to get mucky! Our wheelie bin gets emptied every two weeks. ... Read More


8 Essential New Year’s Resolutions To Commit To In Your Micro Business

Happy New Year :-) Here at the Hub we've downed tools for a couple of weeks, spent time with our families and enjoyed the festivities. And now, ... Read More

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Getting Started with Google Apps

4 Reasons Google Apps Is An Essential Tool For Your Micro Business

Are you familiar with Google Apps? Google Apps is a collection of Google products. Together they offer functionality similar to traditional office ... Read More