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How To Bin Your Low Value Customers And Replace With High Value Ones

11 April 2013 by Alison Bradford

When you start up your own business it’s very easy to fall into the trap of working with anyone who will pay you (and even some that don’t!). You’re desperate to get experience and also to have some customers to validate your reason for being in business. That’s okay right at the beginning. It is good to get the experience and to build up some testimonials. If you’re not careful though ... Read More


Content Marketing

How To Boost Your Online Popularity By Getting Personal

Let me guess… You’re writing a blog to promote your business. But your blog isn’t exactly *uh* popular. Even some of your favourite clients aren’t ... Read More


Bank - Business Finance

Good vs bad: making the right debt choices

Debt is sometimes seen as bad business, but it can be a great way to gain a competitive advantage by providing the capital needed to seize ... Read More

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Twitter List - Hub Contributors

How To Use Lists To Boost Your Effectiveness On Twitter

As a micro business user I’d assume you’re using Twitter in some form or another. Perhaps you use it just to see what people are saying. Maybe it's ... Read More

Sales & Marketing

How To Develop The Best Attitude For Selling

There is a simple secret to on-going sales success. It’s not a particular process, method or technique and anyone can do it. The simple secret ... Read More


What Is Good Value For Money?

I heard the expression "value for money" for the first time nearly 30 years ago. Since then it has always been important for me to give value for ... Read More

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Microsoft Office 365

Comparing Office Productivity Suites for Micro Businesses

The Office Productivity space has been dominated by Microsoft’s Office product since the 1990’s. However with the advent of Cloud Computing some ... Read More