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Microsoft Office 365

Comparing Office Productivity Suites for Micro Businesses

2 October 2012 by Tanya Jayne Park

The Office Productivity space has been dominated by Microsoft’s Office product since the 1990’s. However with the advent of Cloud Computing some real alternatives with advantages for micro businesses have appeared. Here we look at 2 of them (Google Apps & Zoho) and compare them against Microsoft’s own cloud version Office 365. What you get Google Google’s suite of productivity and ... Read More


Content Marketing

Interview with Stan Smith Pushing Social

In Conversation With Popular Blogger Stan Smith From Pushing Social

Popular blogger Stan Smith is the face behind Pushing Social. In addition to writing daily posts, Stan has also written guest blogs for a number of ... Read More


How To Construct A Business Plan To Achieve Your New Year Expansion Plans

First off, Happy New Year and congratulations for surviving all those armageddon based predictions. Can’t believe I bought into that nonsense. I’m ... Read More

PR & Social Media

LinkedIn endorsements – how you can use them to your advantage

You may be aware of LinkedIn endorsements. It was a feature introduced towards the end of 2012 to enable us all to tick a box to verify someone's ... Read More

Sales & Marketing

Traditional Field Marketing Techniques For Micro Businesses

What is Field Marketing? Field marketing is a form of marketing centred around interacting directly with consumers with the intention of converting ... Read More


Proven Ideas To Grow Your Micro Business pt 2

Motivational speaker and trainer Zig Ziglar famously said: If you can dream it, you can achieve it. And the essence of your dreams start from those ... Read More

Web, Tech & SEO

Five Easy Link Building Techniques That Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

Links (hyper links) are one of the key foundations of Google’s algorithm. Larry Page, Google co-founder, came up with the idea that the more web ... Read More