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Can You Really Run A Successful Home-based Business Around Children?

31 January 2013 by Joanne Dewberry

To look at me on the school run legging it up the road normally late, hair a mess, 4&5 year old trailing behind me, baby in arms, snowboots covered in mud from our last adventure you wouldn't think I ran my own business. I'm a mummy disorganised mess/small business guru. I'm almost like Superman … I start out as the meek and mild Clark Kent – turning up at 10am to drop off the children's ... Read More


Content Marketing

What your content marketing plan is missing

Here’s What Your Content Marketing Plan Is Missing

Content marketing is important. Yes. You should make content creation a priority.  Yep. You should empower and train your staff to create ... Read More



What did the 13/14 budget mean for micro businesses?

Just under two weeks ago, George Osborne arose in the Commons to deliver his fourth budget, designed to build an ‘aspiration nation’ and help those ... Read More

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Top Tips To Ignite Your Success With Twitter

I'm a self-confessed Twitter addict. I love it (sometimes too much). As a micro business owner who works from home, during the day Twitter is my ... Read More

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43 Free Ways to Market your Business in 2013

Writing your marketing plan for next year can be a daunting task if you are a Micro Biz owner. Everyone keeps on telling you that you must do this ... Read More


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How to Take Charge of Your Home Working Routine

When you work at home you have to take charge of the following and carve out a routine: - Other people who want your attention Domesticity; ... Read More

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Get Your Micro Business on Google+ Now

I’ve recently grown weary of Facebook. So whilst I had some downtime I decided to get back into Google+. And you know what? I used it and I liked ... Read More