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Why Finagle’s Law Of Dynamic Negatives Matters To Your Micro Business IT

19 December 2012 by Chris Blunt

Apologies in advance for the bad news... But it's a scientific fact that at some point your computer WILL stop working. It may be today, it may be next week or it may be in 7 years’ time, but it will stop working. That is scientific fact. It is also Finagle’s Law of Dynamic Negatives that tells us when it does go wrong, it will be at the worst possible time… So knowing these two facts, ... Read More


Content Marketing

Bad advice

Why “Write Great Content” Is Useless Blogging Advice

Popular is not the same as great. In the sea of blogging advice, it’s easy to default to your traffic statistics and believe that you are doing a ... Read More


Slick record keeping

Slick Record Keeping Tips For Micro Business Owners

How's your record keeping? When you’re running your own business, even if your business is very small, it’s important to make sure you keep your ... Read More

PR & Social Media

Engaging customers through social media

The Secret To Engaging Customers And Building Relationships Through Social Media

There's no doubt. Social Media is a great micro business tool. It provides your businesses (regardless of its size or budget), with the ability to ... Read More

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Business Networking

How To Sell Without Selling. The Real Secret To Networking Success

As a micro business owner, you need to embrace the power of networking and use it as a tool to drive sales. That's because, with the right ... Read More


Work less earn more

Who Else Wants To Work Less And Earn More?

Do you fret over time? Do you feel there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done? Are you worried your business isn't moving ... Read More

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Thanks to Feeding Boys for the screenshot of an active competition

Rafflecopter – making competitions easy

Running a competition is a great way to increase subscribers or social media followers. But be careful not to break any of the social media rules ... Read More