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5 questions each micro business owner should ask

Do You Ask These Five Power Questions In Your Micro Business?

22 June 2012 by Susan Ritchie

Congratulations… You’ve taken the plunge. You’ve started your own micro business and now you’re in for the roller-coaster ride of your life! The ‘highs’ of running your own business are many; flexibility, freedom, the chance to set your own agenda, letting your unique talents shine, and taking the ultimate responsibility for your life – living off your own earnings. With it, however, may ... Read More


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Totally engrossed

Here’s How To Make Your Email Newsletter A Must Read

If you’ve ever subscribed to a magazine the chances are that you subscribed in order further your knowledge on a particular area and enjoy the ... Read More


Stack of British Pounds

Here’s A Technique To Attract Customers Who Will Pay You More

What difference would it make to your business (and your lifestyle) if customers paid you more? This might feel like a pipe dream, especially given ... Read More

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How To Optimise LinkedIn For Micro Business Success

The use of social media in business is now well established. While there are a plethora of guides on how to use Twitter for your business - perhaps ... Read More

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Man With Speech Bubble

Experiential Marketing Campaigns – What Are They & Can Micro Businesses Use Them?

Experiential marketing campaigns are fast proving popular with big brands, but what are they, and can Micro businesses take advantage of the same ... Read More


Sales feast or famine

Get Rid Of Your Freelancing Sales Famine Once And For All

Have you ever experienced sales famine? Those weeks or months when the phone is hardly ringing, the enquiries dry up and you don’t know where the ... Read More

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Google Analytics For Micro Business Owners

Google Analytics For Micro Businesses – A Curated Guide

Google's primary goal is to ensure people find what they're looking for online. And that means your job is to work with what you know about ... Read More