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5 Ideas To Delight Your Email Subscribers And Grow Your Sales

28 September 2012 by Georgina El Morshdy

This week we've discussed the value of permission marketing for your small business. As a micro business, permission marketing offers a cost effective yet powerful way to get on the radar of potential customers and win their trust. And it's a strategy worth adopting. That's because most customers will not buy from you at their first visit. Instead it can take up to seven points of contact ... Read More


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How To Boost Your Online Popularity By Getting Personal

Let me guess… You’re writing a blog to promote your business. But your blog isn’t exactly *uh* popular. Even some of your favourite clients aren’t ... Read More


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10 Surprising Ways An Accountant Can Benefit Your Micro Business

If you run a micro business at some point you'll probably take the plunge and hire your accountant. However you may be surprised to know that they ... Read More

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How To Sidestep Common Social Media Mistakes

I love how Social Media connects people. And a lot of people are involved. Take these member number from the top 5 platforms: Facebook - over ... Read More

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Experiential Marketing Campaigns – What Are They & Can Micro Businesses Use Them?

Experiential marketing campaigns are fast proving popular with big brands, but what are they, and can Micro businesses take advantage of the same ... Read More


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7 Essential Tips To Avoid Business Collaboration Disaster

It's great being a micro business owner. You're fast, nimble and flexible. And you can add LOTS of value to clients and customers in your ... Read More

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6 Free Tools To Define Long Tail Keywords & Attract More Website Traffic

In my previous post I did a “whistle-stop tour” of a method I use to discover long tail keywords for my clients’ websites. In this blog post I want ... Read More