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Why you shouldn’t link your social media accounts

31 May 2013 by Libby Langley

If you’re looking for a way to minimise the time you spend on social media, clicking the ‘link your account to Twitter/Facebook’ option isn’t the way to go about it. Facebook and Twitter both give you the option to link your posts from one to another, meaning when you post on Facebook the content will appear on Twitter and vice versa. On the face of it, this seems like an ideal way to ... Read More


Content Marketing

Warning: Are You Making These Five Needless Mistakes With Your Copy?

Sorry… But explaining you’re a “non-writer” is not a good enough excuse for publishing rubbish content. What’s more, you simply can’t afford to ... Read More


Three Inspirational Micro Business Expansion Tales

It can be hard to be positive about business in the current climate. Read a paper, turn on your TV or tune in your DAB, and you’ll likely be greeted ... Read More

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How To Sell Through Social Media

Social media is here to stay. And thank goodness because used well it's an incredibly powerful micro business sales tool. To use social media ... Read More

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How To Market Your eBook

Authors should think of themselves as a micro business and should promote their eBook in the same way a micro business would promote their products or ... Read More


How To Use A Vision Board To Grow Your Business

How do you plan for success? As a business owner, perhaps you first drafted a business plan on the advice of the local government business office ... Read More

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Xero Online Accounting Software

Online Accounts Software Compared

For any small business, managing your accounts is key. A pile of receipts in a shoe box is not going to give you an up to date financial view of your ... Read More