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Top 5 Qualities of a Successful Micro Business Owner

5 November 2012 by Giuseppe Colombi

I think you will agree with me that doing business in the current climate is different from the perception we used to have. Words such as “recession”, “business failure”, “Insolvency” and so on seem to be recurring in many news articles and discussions. However, to some extent, the ingredients needed to run a successful business have not changed. Whether we have a boom or a bust in the ... Read More


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How To Boost Your Online Popularity By Getting Personal

Let me guess… You’re writing a blog to promote your business. But your blog isn’t exactly *uh* popular. Even some of your favourite clients aren’t ... Read More


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How to expand your micro business and keep your sanity intact

Running a business is hard work, whatever size you’re at. Even more so if you’re a burgeoning one, eyeing or going through expansion. Speak to many ... Read More

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Top Tips For Using Twitter In Business – What’s Yours?

This week we've discovered: Why social media is essential for your business. How to engage followers and build relationships. How to maximise ... Read More

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The art of selling through words

The Art Of Selling Through Words

Professional copywriters use words as tools to persuade an audience: Their client has the answer to their particular problem. To motivate the ... Read More


Young man so angry that he wants to pull his hair out

6 Ways to Screw Up Running a Business From Home

Do you run your Micro Business from home? If so, you're certainly not alone. Many Micro Business owners decide to run businesses from ... Read More

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6 Simple Website Changes That Will Boost Your Business

Let’s be honest. When did you last review your website content? More than six months ago? A regular update of your website can help you ... Read More