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How To Get Customers Talking About Your Micro Business

26 June 2012 by Georgina El Morshdy

Listen... What are customers saying about your micro business? Is the chit chat lively and positive. Is it negative? Or worse still, is it just plain quiet? And what are you doing to influence that conversation? If you run a micro business, you want people talking about you. That's because conversation about your business is a powerful way to spread your message. As such, ... Read More


Content Marketing

It’s Valentine’s day :-) Time To Woo Customers With Some Email Love

Just how will Cupid show up in your life today :-) And whilst Valentine's Day is a great excuse to get distracted by love and romance, don't forget ... Read More


Seven Tips For Managing Expansion Successfully

So you’ve formulated a business plan, chosen your company structure and raised the cash needed to fuel your micro businesses growth. Expansion is in ... Read More

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Social Media Tools

Warning: Do You Spend Too Much Time On Social Media?

Hands up if you love social media? Not surprising. After all it's a great marketing tool and a fantastic way to get customers talking about your ... Read More

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Hybrid Marketing: Big Brand Techniques Perfect for Small Business

This year, social media has undoubtedly been a hot topic when it comes to marketing. Many big brands have run campaigns on social platforms that ... Read More


Lessons In Self Belief: How To Access Your Inner Squonk

As a micro-business owner, have you ever had "one of the days", or even one of those weeks? You know what I mean. And when things don’t go ... Read More

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How To Choose Web Hosting

With so many web hosting companies and prices varying from virtually nothing to over £100 per month, how do you choose? 1. Be Clear About What You ... Read More