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6 Free Tools To Define Long Tail Keywords & Attract More Website Traffic

4 September 2012 by Chris Dyson

In my previous post I did a “whistle-stop tour” of a method I use to discover long tail keywords for my clients’ websites. In this blog post I want to show you some more ways to carry out keyword research for your website, on a limited budget, as well as offer some more actionable tips. Keywords, are the backbone of Internet Marketing. When it comes to doing keyword research for SEO, ... Read More


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Now You Can Market Your Business Without Annoying Customers

I’d like you to imagine that you've just sat down to dinner with your family. It’s the end of a long day.  It's your first opportunity to begin ... Read More


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Good vs bad: making the right debt choices

Debt is sometimes seen as bad business, but it can be a great way to gain a competitive advantage by providing the capital needed to seize ... Read More

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Top Tips For Using Twitter In Business – What’s Yours?

This week we've discovered: Why social media is essential for your business. How to engage followers and build relationships. How to maximise ... Read More

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Target your customers.

A Really Simple Marketing Plan For Your Micro Business

What's your marketing strategy? It's essential to your micro business. What's more, quality marketing helps tackle a micro business biggie: How ... Read More


Three Free To Use Tools That Stop Social Media Stealing Your Precious Time

Since the beginning of Facebook back in 2004, it seems Social Media has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, ... Read More

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Six SEO Myths That Waste Your Time And Cost You Money

If your micro business has a website (and chances are it should) then it’s likely you’ve heard a lot about SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation. If ... Read More