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Sales feast or famine

Get Rid Of Your Freelancing Sales Famine Once And For All

20 November 2012 by Robert Peters

Have you ever experienced sales famine? Those weeks or months when the phone is hardly ringing, the enquiries dry up and you don’t know where the next sale is coming from? The feast and famine cycle can be fatal for your business and freelance career.  In times of sales feast you can be so busy that you find it tough to fit in any time for marketing.  This is a big mistake because when ... Read More


Content Marketing

Be a better blogger

Blog Like An Expert In 4 Easy Steps

Blog week has covered a lot of ground. On Monday Dina Behrman explained 7 undeniable reasons to blog for business. On Tuesday Kassia Gardner ... Read More


Accountant swamped with financial documents

10 Surprising Ways An Accountant Can Benefit Your Micro Business

If you run a micro business at some point you'll probably take the plunge and hire your accountant. However you may be surprised to know that they ... Read More

PR & Social Media

Micro business PR

Why PR Is Essential To Your Marketing Mix

What are people saying about your micro business? What's their opinion about you and your company? What kind of reputation do you have amongst ... Read More

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Book covers with word ebook.

How To Market Your eBook

Authors should think of themselves as a micro business and should promote their eBook in the same way a micro business would promote their products or ... Read More


Energy tariff

Work From Home? Which Energy Tariff Is Right For You?

When you start your own business, something you may consider is operating your business from home. Eradicating the need to purchase or rent extra ... Read More

Web, Tech & SEO

SEO Dilemma

An SEO Dilemma: Should You Write Content For People Or Google?

If you read a lot of copywriting blogs you'll undoubtedly find the debate surrounding whether you should write your content for people or for search ... Read More