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losing customers

Stop Losing Customers To Your Competition

30 October 2012 by Annette Du Bois

Do you question why a customer buys from you once and then never again? Surprisingly many micro business owners don’t as they’ve moved on to the next customer and then wonder why it’s so hard to make a decent living. Well building a business that provides you with a comfortable lifestyle never has and never will come from one time sales – not even if you sell large ticket item ... Read More


Content Marketing


Top Ten Productivity Tips For Busy Content Marketers

In today’s time starved world, the ability to create more quality written content in less time is a powerful skill. But how do you achieve ... Read More


Micro business taxes

Things To Remember When Paying Tax As A Sole Trader

As a sole trader, your tax affairs are a lot simpler than if you were running your business through a limited company - but you still need to make ... Read More

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African American businesswoman social network

Are you following the right people on Twitter?

Twitter is a fantastic networking and marketing tool. But when you first sign up and create an account, it can be a complete minefield. Who do you ... Read More

Sales & Marketing

The secret to raving customers

The Secret To Raving Customers And Making More Money

Ok. Show of hands. Who wants to find more raving customers? You know the kind of customers I talk about, don’t you? Customers who come back ... Read More



4 Reasons Your Freelance Business Is Already A Failure

Did you start your freelance business expecting to fail? I’m sure you didn’t.  No one likes to think of failing, especially when starting a new ... Read More

Web, Tech & SEO


A Beginner’s Guide To Creating Videos For YouTube

Yesterday we explored the importance of using YouTube as a marketing tool for your micro business. Today I'll show you how easy it is to create ... Read More