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How To Sidestep Common Social Media Mistakes

5 July 2012 by Janine Beattie

I love how Social Media connects people. And a lot of people are involved. Take these member number from the top 5 platforms: Facebook - over 750 million YouTube - over 490 million Twitter - over 225 million LinkedIn - over 150 million Google+ - over 90 million Pinterest - ok, so 6 snuck in - over 11.5 million Social media allows the sharing of great content. It also helps you ... Read More


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local UK businesses

How To Use Content Marketing To Grow Your Local Business

Do you like to buy from local businesses? Late on a Saturday afternoon I normally make a trip to a butcher near us.  I go to buy a piece of meat to ... Read More


Stack of British Pounds

Here’s A Technique To Attract Customers Who Will Pay You More

What difference would it make to your business (and your lifestyle) if customers paid you more? This might feel like a pipe dream, especially given ... Read More

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How To Optimise LinkedIn For Micro Business Success

The use of social media in business is now well established. While there are a plethora of guides on how to use Twitter for your business - perhaps ... Read More

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African American businesswoman social network

Networking Tips For Your Micro Business

With the rapid increase in the numbers of business events taking place across the UK, more and more people are realising the benefits that regular ... Read More


Energy tariff

Work From Home? Which Energy Tariff Is Right For You?

When you start your own business, something you may consider is operating your business from home. Eradicating the need to purchase or rent extra ... Read More

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E-commerce Trust

The Importance of Trust in E-Commerce

When someone lands on your e-commerce website they will have the following questions: Do you have what I am looking for? What are the ... Read More