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How Can You Comply With RTI?

1 April 2013 by Mark James

Amongst the mass of changes I went through yesterday, you may remember me mentioning RTI. Ushered in on April 6th, it’s set to shake up payroll, altering the way many micro businesses do their bookkeeping. So much so in fact, I thought I’d best devote an article to it. Opinions of it are polarised, HMRC arguing that its introduction will make things easier on the finance front. Some are more ... Read More


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Interview with Stan Smith Pushing Social

In Conversation With Popular Blogger Stan Smith From Pushing Social

Popular blogger Stan Smith is the face behind Pushing Social. In addition to writing daily posts, Stan has also written guest blogs for a number of ... Read More


Slick record keeping

Slick Record Keeping Tips For Micro Business Owners

How's your record keeping? When you’re running your own business, even if your business is very small, it’s important to make sure you keep your ... Read More

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How To Boost Micro Business Sales (and have a little fun) With Vine

Move over Facebook – there’s a new kid on the social networking block, and it packs a punch for marketers.  A simple video app, launched in ... Read More

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Business Networking

How To Sell Without Selling. The Real Secret To Networking Success

As a micro business owner, you need to embrace the power of networking and use it as a tool to drive sales. That's because, with the right ... Read More


Outside the Box Words on Product Package Innovation

3 Rules For Being Radical In 2013

Is it time for radical thinking? In business we tend to make decisions based on experience, tested methods and empirical knowledge. Empirical ... Read More

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How To Hire The Right SEO Consultant For Your Micro Business

Choosing an SEO specialist can be daunting. Spending hard earned money on a service you don’t fully understand is never easy. Especially if you ... Read More