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8 Essential New Year’s Resolutions To Commit To In Your Micro Business

4 January 2013 by Georgina El Morshdy

Happy New Year :-) Here at the Hub we've downed tools for a couple of weeks, spent time with our families and enjoyed the festivities. And now, after a quality break, it's time for some forward thinking and getting clear on how you're going to grow and develop your micro business in 2013. To help, here are 8 New Year's Resolutions which I believe are essential to a healthy micro business ... Read More


Content Marketing

Here’s A Quick Way To Plan Your Blog Posts A Year In Advance

Are you staring at your computer screen wondering what to write about in your blog? Perhaps you’re just quietly ignoring the blog and, in a sense, ... Read More


How To Set The Right Price For What You Sell

When running a micro business what do you think is the most important factor in determining the level of business needed to make a success of ... Read More

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Hashtags on Facebook: will it work?

The idea of clickable hashtags on Facebook has been mooted for a while and now they have finally become live. But is this a good thing and how could ... Read More

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Micro Business Size

Should you try to make your Micro Business look bigger?

There was a great question in the Homeworking UK LinkedIn Group a few weeks ago:   Should Sole Traders try to look "bigger" online? Or should ... Read More


3 Rules For Being Radical In 2013

Is it time for radical thinking? In business we tend to make decisions based on experience, tested methods and empirical knowledge. Empirical ... Read More

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How To Write A Super Successful “About” Page

Can I ask about your website's About page? I’m assuming you have one. But what’s on that page? Do you talk about yourself? Do you tell your life ... Read More