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Start with the basics – a quick guide to launching a startup

27 August 2013 by Laura Alfonsin

(This is a sponsored post) In 2012, more than 484,000 businesses were started in the UK. On average, only around one fifth of these will succeed. The difficulty of launching is often overlooked by eager entrepreneurs with an eye on the Fortune 500 and little experience in the field. For the business newbie, the key to success is preparation – as the following tips demonstrate. Gauge ... Read More


Content Marketing

Boring blogger

Warning: Are You A Boring Blogger?

Is your blog keeping your readers up at night, buzzing with new ideas or is it sending them to sleep? A blog is a great tool to attract visitors to ... Read More


Income Outgoings Keys Show Budgeting And Bookkeeping

Here’s What To Do If Your Outgoings Exceed Your Incomings

It’s very easy, when you’re running a business, to fall into the trap of spending more than you’re earning. The little costs, like software ... Read More

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African American businesswoman social network

Are you following the right people on Twitter?

Twitter is a fantastic networking and marketing tool. But when you first sign up and create an account, it can be a complete minefield. Who do you ... Read More

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Mucky Marketing

The Mucky Key to Micro Business Marketing

Do you want your marketing to really appeal to your perfect customer?  If so, you need to get mucky! Our wheelie bin gets emptied every two weeks. ... Read More



Ten Tips For Empowerment In Your Micro Business

Adopting powerful strategies for feeling empowered can be a mighty advantage when dealing with the inevitable stress and anxiety that comes from ... Read More

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IT Support

Why Finagle’s Law Of Dynamic Negatives Matters To Your Micro Business IT

Apologies in advance for the bad news... But it's a scientific fact that at some point your computer WILL stop working. It may be today, it may ... Read More