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HMRC’s Good News for Micro Business Owners

22 April 2013 by Giuseppe Colombi

Keeping up with changes in the law which affect micro businesses is not always easy. Today I want to highlight some good news which is mainly available to self-employed individuals. You may not be aware that accounts and your Self-Assessment Tax Return should always be prepared on what is known as an “accrual basis”. This means that you account for income and expenditure when you issue an invoice ... Read More


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7 hot reasons

7 Hot Reasons You Must Blog For Your Micro Business

According to Wikipedia, a blog (a portmanteau of the term web log) is a: ‘Discussion or information site published on the World Wide Web, consisting ... Read More


Secret agent

10 Tax Advantages of Home Working: James Bond Style

Imagine you’re James Bond... You’ve dispatched the Bad Guys, and now you’re setting up shop on a tropical island, offering spy services. Judi Dench ... Read More

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Pinterest Homepage

Pinterest: A Beginners Guide For Micro Businesses

Pinterest is one of the newest social media platforms. It's grown rapidly and has collected many enthusiastic users who love it's functionality. But ... Read More

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Russ Henneberry

In Conversation With Tiny & Mighty’s Russ Henneberry

In this exclusive interview, Hub Editor Georgina El Morshdy quizzes Tiny & Mighty's Russ Henneberry on his love for micro business and his top ... Read More


Four Words That Define Success

Are You Embracing The Four Words That Define Your Success?

You’re in business – hurrah! You want to be successful – double hurrah! But what’s it going to take and how are you going to get there? Well ... Read More

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Microsoft Office 365

Comparing Office Productivity Suites for Micro Businesses

The Office Productivity space has been dominated by Microsoft’s Office product since the 1990’s. However with the advent of Cloud Computing some ... Read More