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6 E-commerce Mistakes That Harm Conversion Rates

15 January 2013 by Rebecca Kimber

One of the main reasons e-commerce works is the ease in which consumers can find what they want and how simple it is for them to buy it. When setting up your online shop, the last thing you want to do is make what should be a smooth process more complicated or unappealing. The rule of thumb is, don’t ask anything of your online customers that you wouldn’t ask of buyers on the high street. If ... Read More


Content Marketing

Content marketing is smart

Why Smart Micro Business Owners Are Content Marketing

Think this is just another of those ‘latest buzz words’ that’s doing the rounds? Not this one! Content marketing can be very valuable to your ... Read More


distressed girl

Why Micro Business Owners Undervalue Their Worth & What To Do About It

The small canteen was normally empty at this time of day. I sat at the table and started eating my lunch. It wasn't long before the door opened and ... Read More

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PR strategy

How To Create A Winning PR Strategy For Your Micro Business

This week we've focused on PR. On Monday we discovered why PR should form an essential part of your marketing mix. On Tuesday we uncovered how ... Read More

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Man With Speech Bubble

Experiential Marketing Campaigns – What Are They & Can Micro Businesses Use Them?

Experiential marketing campaigns are fast proving popular with big brands, but what are they, and can Micro businesses take advantage of the same ... Read More


Make things happen

Do You Hold This Key To A Successful Micro Business?

There's an important key that separates business owners from super successful business owners. And it's a really simple one. For sure you need ... Read More

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Micro business technical support

Warning: Is Your Micro Business IT Solution Good Enough?

Blessed with great business instinct, but limited IT skills, many micro business owners find themselves in an office with IT that is at best "non ... Read More