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How To Create A Winning PR Strategy For Your Micro Business

13 July 2012 by Lucy Matthews

This week we've focused on PR. On Monday we discovered why PR should form an essential part of your marketing mix. On Tuesday we uncovered how to use Twitter as a PR tool. On Wednesday the secrets to a successful press release was revealed. And yesterday we heard a journalist's perspective of the best way to build a relationship. Now in order to succeed with PR, you need a ... Read More


Content Marketing

5 Simple Tips for Winning More Customers with Email Marketing

Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. LinkedIn. Instagram. Youtube. Google Plus. Flickr. There are so many social media options to interact with ... Read More


10 Tax Advantages of Home Working: James Bond Style

Imagine you’re James Bond... You’ve dispatched the Bad Guys, and now you’re setting up shop on a tropical island, offering spy services. Judi Dench ... Read More

PR & Social Media

How To Optimise LinkedIn For Micro Business Success

The use of social media in business is now well established. While there are a plethora of guides on how to use Twitter for your business - perhaps ... Read More

Sales & Marketing

How To Market Your eBook

Authors should think of themselves as a micro business and should promote their eBook in the same way a micro business would promote their products or ... Read More


Warning: Is Isolation Costing Your Micro Business?

I get it. You like to work alone :-) And whilst it may be just you in your micro business, there will come a time when you need to (and you should) ... Read More

Web, Tech & SEO

Get Your Micro Business on Google+ Now

I’ve recently grown weary of Facebook. So whilst I had some downtime I decided to get back into Google+. And you know what? I used it and I liked ... Read More