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A Powerful Tool To Help You Get More Done In Less Time

22 February 2013 by Paul Cox

(This is a sponsored post) If you run a micro business, you soon discover time is a resource you need to take good care of. After all, the amount of stuff you get implemented directly impacts your bottom line. So... If you get more of the right stuff done, you set yourself up for business success. BUT if you spend an age on admin and paperwork or procrastinate and focus on the wrong ... Read More


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Social network concept

Build Relationships First And The Sales Will Come…

Have you noticed that the winner of reality TV shows like X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent is often the most likeable? And this works in business ... Read More


Photo realistic metallic reflective 'bright future' sign

How To Construct A Business Plan To Achieve Your New Year Expansion Plans

First off, Happy New Year and congratulations for surviving all those armageddon based predictions. Can’t believe I bought into that nonsense. I’m ... Read More

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Twitter List - Hub Contributors

How To Use Lists To Boost Your Effectiveness On Twitter

As a micro business user I’d assume you’re using Twitter in some form or another. Perhaps you use it just to see what people are saying. Maybe it's ... Read More

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Russ Henneberry

In Conversation With Tiny & Mighty’s Russ Henneberry

In this exclusive interview, Hub Editor Georgina El Morshdy quizzes Tiny & Mighty's Russ Henneberry on his love for micro business and his top ... Read More


Say no with confidence

How to Say “No” In Business With Confidence

If you’re a micro business owner, the chances are you work far longer hours in your business than you ever did when you had a ‘proper’ job! Your ... Read More

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SEO Dilemma

An SEO Dilemma: Should You Write Content For People Or Google?

If you read a lot of copywriting blogs you'll undoubtedly find the debate surrounding whether you should write your content for people or for search ... Read More