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The Importance of Trust in E-Commerce

14 January 2013 by Jo Waltham

When someone lands on your e-commerce website they will have the following questions: Do you have what I am looking for? What are the variations, options, choices? How much is it? When can I get it by? And a final question which is running through in the back of the their mind whilst they find answers to the previous 4.... Can I trust you with my order? With the prevalence of search ... Read More


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great emails

5 Ideas To Delight Your Email Subscribers And Grow Your Sales

This week we've discussed the value of permission marketing for your small business. As a micro business, permission marketing offers a cost ... Read More


Growth Tree - Words on Branches Symbolize Organic Growing

Seven Tips For Managing Expansion Successfully

So you’ve formulated a business plan, chosen your company structure and raised the cash needed to fuel your micro businesses growth. Expansion is in ... Read More

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Social Media Conversations

How To Sidestep Common Social Media Mistakes

I love how Social Media connects people. And a lot of people are involved. Take these member number from the top 5 platforms: Facebook - over ... Read More

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E-mail marketing puzzle

The Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing For Beginners

Email can be a great, cost-effective way of promoting your product or business and is considered the modern way of posting an introductory letter to ... Read More


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7 Ways To Build Confidence (It’s Your Stress Busting Secret Weapon)

I'm sure we're all aware of the impact that stress is having on the UK. The news is full of statistics and stories about how many working days are ... Read More

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A Beginner’s Guide To Creating Videos For YouTube

Yesterday we explored the importance of using YouTube as a marketing tool for your micro business. Today I'll show you how easy it is to create ... Read More