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How To Use Lists To Boost Your Effectiveness On Twitter

17 October 2012 by Daniel Honey

As a micro business user I’d assume you’re using Twitter in some form or another. Perhaps you use it just to see what people are saying. Maybe it's your method to keep up to date with articles and trends. You may use it to keep an eye on your competition. Whatever your reason, like others, you're likely to be highly active posting numerous tweets each day. And with well over 500 million ... Read More


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Email subscription forms

Here’s How To Create An Email Subscription Form for Your Website Without Using Feedburner

How cool is permission marketing? Being able to communicate with people who already want to hear from you! So how do you get their permission to ... Read More



Three Inspirational Micro Business Expansion Tales

It can be hard to be positive about business in the current climate. Read a paper, turn on your TV or tune in your DAB, and you’ll likely be greeted ... Read More

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Top Tips For Using Twitter In Business – What’s Yours?

This week we've discovered: Why social media is essential for your business. How to engage followers and build relationships. How to maximise ... Read More

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Christmas pudding

How To Create A Marketing Strategy That Works For 2013

How's the Christmas preparations going - everything organised? As a micro business owner, this time of year can be quite a blur. Organising ... Read More


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Top 5 Qualities of a Successful Micro Business Owner

I think you will agree with me that doing business in the current climate is different from the perception we used to have. Words such as ... Read More

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Web Hosting

How To Choose Web Hosting

With so many web hosting companies and prices varying from virtually nothing to over £100 per month, how do you choose? 1. Be Clear About What You ... Read More